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  1. I remember a story about a japanese teen about to jump out of a window to commit suicide, but their mother walked into the apartment just before the jump. The mom, trying to convince the kid to not jump, took out from her wallet a note.

  2. Crichton made the most frightening raptors. They were psychopaths who only cared about hunting because they weren't raised right. Hell, Wu's death is the most gruesome one, no matter how much Nedry's death gets passed around.

  3. I mean, I want neon green decals on mine so go for it I reckon! Will look "classier" than my flames lol

  4. Thanks! It's literally just a fun and adorable plastic decorative element. It's not something I'm forming an identity around, LOL.

  5. No they won’t but what’s the point? To get that cheap Gen2 look?

  6. I dont think it looks cheap. I just thought it looked nice on another jimny that had it apparently, so i thought of getting one, too. By describing it as cheap, you inadvertently dissed another owner's jimny. But i suppose that's just your opinion--- nice!

  7. Yeah, im just interested about the history of people eating everyday. Im writing a story about a man who works with horses in 19th century Burgundy, and part of his story is how he gets hungry.

  8. Sunterra near Victoria Station. They have the canned versions along with the root beer and craft cola flavors. I know this for sure because I bought them from there and I didnt like them LOL

  9. Reminds me of my dog when I brought her home as a puppy. So cute!

  10. I got mine from amazon, legit item. It was the delivery that sucked LOL

  11. 34F. Hi, i got dysport for my 11s and im so happy I got it. I frown in my sleep and when I read so the 11s were starting to show. It took 14 days to take "full" effect and it looks very natural, no one would think I got it. I can still move my 11s if I really force it, and the muscle movement is very natural. I plan to continue it for sure, probably every 3 months or so. 20 units, just at the 11 lines. Good luck!

  12. wrap both parts in bed sheets and a duvet. put it in a box. fill the spaces in the box with more bed sheets/pillows so it cant move around.

  13. This is actually a good idea! I’d just need to find a box big enough. Thank you!

  14. Not exactly what you asked - but when I was preparing to move 2 years ago I reached out to Concept2 support and they did advise me they offer the boxes and packing material - I presume they still do, but who knows with supply chain distruptions. I ended up gifting it to a family member and buying a new one.

  15. I’ve always thought the common depiction of Aerys as this wrinkly granpa to be weird… he was 39 or so when he died and he had the been mad for that long before that, just within a decade. Unless he was on crack or meth, he wouldn’t have looked like a seventy year old hermit. Stress ages you, but it doesn’t turn you into an octogenarian

  16. He is described as looking terrible though, long dishevelled hair, uncut nails that curled. He's basically like hermit Howard Hughes.

  17. This is such a pretty shot! Love the layout at the flowers :)

  18. How long did this take you to do.. I just got on the glossier bandwagon and might have went overboard 🤣

  19. I got mine in January 2020. It took me 1 1/2 years to finish this with almost regular use :) it’s my go-to blush.

  20. I’ll add to the chorus of Buddy Holly. He was innovative with his music and he was well respected in the industry as an artist.

  21. In My Life by the Beatles. I’ll never forget the first time I heard it.

  22. I called my boss “dad” by accident in front of everyone during a staff meeting. I pretended it didn’t happen and everyone acted like they didn’t hear it either, to be polite probably, and because I’m the second highest ranking employee in that meeting so they couldn’t make fun of me. My boss looked amused but he didn’t say anything either. No one has brought it up (to my face) since it happened.

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