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  1. I was thinking there ought to be a way to do this safety. I then zoomed in and that is not it.

  2. Anyone able to tell if that's an export model or US Army one?

  3. Early 2000's here anyway. My buddies and I used to abuse it. His home was on the remnant of a larger street that no longer connected.

  4. scroll scroll... Those boots were a choice. The shirt is obnoxious, but the boots make it laughable.

  5. Nah the salt in tears is bad for plants. Guns too but don't tell him it's probably good if this guy's weapons don't work.

  6. Does this guy need a safeword when he masturbates?

  7. Overthrew the government with help from the CIA

  8. There are records of increased communications between the governor general and Buckingham palace prior to kerr taking action. But yes I'll admit it is conjecture.

  9. I think an air fryer and instapot would work just fine. We cook 3 meals almost everyday out of the year for 4 people and I can't think of anything I couldn't make with the 2. Personally I'd want a microwave too just for convenience and we eat a lot of frozen veg,but you could cook those in the instapot. There are so many sites for instapot and air fryer recipes you could make any of them.

  10. Came here to suggest the instant pot air fryer combo.

  11. Yeah, I hate crowder when I go to festivals too! Looks like your not benefiting from any extra education at least.

  12. The guy in the photo is Steven Crowder the renowned asshat.


  14. How did he again got water?

  15. If you start drinking sea water before dehydration starts and kidney function begins to decrease, some people can actually survive off sea water for a while.

  16. I found a patch once while backcountry. After 4 days of dehydrated food I nearly cried with joy. Best food I've ever had.

  17. Recent evidence suggests that a tractor is the prefered method for retrieving tanks.

  18. My father who is a progressive conservative , my brother who is an anarcocapatilist and my self a leftist do infact have respectful and engaging conversations.

  19. What is a progressive conservative? A moderate democrat?

  20. One of the 2 parties that merged to form the Conservative party of Canada. Progressive socially but extremely conservative otherwise.

  21. Rush. I've seen them live twice, both times sounded like Geddy Lee was randomly being kicked in the balls.

  22. The kind of moron who gets ordered to do exactly that by his officer, says yes sir, and goes. Because the alternative is a bullet or the gulag.

  23. I'd rather face the gulag than Ukrainians.

  24. 1.Weld a bolt to it and undo the bolt with a ratchet. 2.Drill it out to the edge of the threads and then re tap.

  25. I am a welder and have done this. It is not a beginner welding task by any means.

  26. Before sanding try a melamine sponge.

  27. The moment someone tries to pull their gov't position up to be above the law (any law), they should be removed from office. That shit seriously pisses me off. -.-

  28. 100% Ferrari guy would take a bribe.

  29. I've used bacon fat. I was happy with the result.

  30. I twice bought people's souls for cigarettes.

  31. I would argue better then the original. And I'm a huge NIN fan.

  32. I’m not saying a leprechaun lives there, but I’m also not saying one doesn’t.

  33. Teslas also come with the entire battery installed but you have to pay extra for the “long range” version

  34. Interesting do we know if all cells are in use on the lower range model? If they are limiting the total storage across all cells I think that would give it a longer service life.

  35. With all the construction on near by streets that intersection has been mess.

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