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Rented a hotel and now it’s my first time drinking. Just wanted to share since I have no friends

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  1. EVERYONE who cares to has seen your "drumstick" dude. Move on. Pretend to write a book or something.

  2. Dump them. Round stainless steel grates was the best upgrade I made on my Char-Griller.

  3. You know what you can do because you did it. Some businesses out there get the idea to hire someone and when the site gets up and going they will not be needed any longer and plan on cutting the expense. It's not sound thinking but I see it often.

  4. This is the correct answer. Your access won't last long so gota get right to it.

  5. If the tool does exactly what you mentioned, will you pay for it? Others will pay for it? I just want to see if there is a demand for this need?

  6. Closest is Screaming Frog (licensed). Don't think it'll tell you the CMS. You can use WhatCMS for that. Just remember it'll be a hit or miss.

  7. This was the help I needed today. Screaming Frog (licensed) is the right answer. I was able to use the Configuration > Custom > Search options to search for code commonly used in WordPress sites and got what I needed Thanks

  8. Do you mean scraping any websites and using your attribute to detect if it is a Wordpress website or not ?

  9. Yes. That is exactly what I'm doing. My results are good but not great. I'm looking for better criteria to target. I'm also not going any deeper than the front page if that matters.

  10. How many websites is this ? If its millions or more than you should consider using scrapy.

  11. That looks like a great tool for the kind of results I need. Learning that just isn't in the plan right now. I'm only running 250-500 URLs at a time. SF has everything I need for this project. I was just looking to make it more productive.

  12. Bob Stefanowski participated in a "Anti-mask" event and tested positive shortly after. We really don't that kind of stupid making decisions for anyone.

  13. No. You don't owe him anything. I would walk after getting jerked around like that.

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