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  1. said u had to be former season ticket holder

  2. There's no verification process. The email was sent to former season ticket holders but the link is open to anyone.

  3. it doesnt say what row though the section can go all the way up to the top

  4. Yeah that's true. The forum I'm on, people have been getting lower rows though.

  5. Meanwhile crude oil, which is what they tell us is the major component of the price of gasoline, continues to trend down.

  6. Just a heads up that it appears the shuttle from Parsons to the Rose Bowl is not operating for this game. Probably because it's a Friday and the lot is used by employees.

  7. I get the recommendation to heat the bastards but I would essentially ruin most of my clothes using hot water and the dryer in high. Might as well just get new clothes.

  8. So what we did is anything that could be washed hot and dried on high 90 minutes we did.

  9. Thanks for this. Saving for future use, but hopefully not.

  10. Crepe-o. Sure... Whatever you say Crapo.


  12. Odd that the production team put together than entire package and hired a plane with a banner to apologize to her, but then Mark is the one who gets canned days later.

  13. All of that build up and we don't get to see the 75 jets take off?

  14. Just a ten second slo-mo of Bradley Cooper clapping. Love it.

  15. Not the point I was trying to make. The title of the article is misleading

  16. Often the outages you hear of are because of local infrastructure issues, not the lack of power in the grid. Transformers, substations, and other local electric infrastructure is vulnerable to failure during high use and in high temperatures. At no point during the recent heat wave, did California as a whole not have enough capacity for the demand.

  17. Why are our gas prices going up when it's still going down in the rest of the country? From the June highs, the national average has gone down more than 25% ($5.10 to $3.80) compared to just 15% in California ($6.29 to $5.33).

  18. Definitely is. Using public funds for campaigning. You don't have to explicitly advocate. It all comes down to the tone, timing and tenor of the message. This is right up against the election and not in line with the Sheriff's Office typical communications.

  19. you said it definitely is legal but then you went on to explain how its not legal? did i read that wrong?

  20. Sorry, I thought I was responding to a double negative.

  21. Cascabel on Riverside. It's Ventura adjacent.

  22. Legit the most I've ever sweated in my life. The seats near me were empty so all of the heat was just radiating back at me.

  23. Where are u paying 1400 a month?? It’s gotta be Cali

  24. And to be fair, a mortgage on a house in CA, or even rent, would be $3,500+. So $1,400 isn't bad in comparison.

  25. I've missed CFB for these very moments.

  26. We should be good during the day with all of the available renewables. The challenging time will be around sunset when the temperatures are still high and much of the renewables go offline. But you could of course still have localized issues with transformers blowing up and shit.

  27. That's a lot of almond milk.

  28. What's with her fucking eyebrows?

  29. Being From LA it always trips me out when she brings out the SoCal "accent."

  30. Acetone makes it nice and compact.

  31. Brake Kleen as well. Although I do not recommend this.

  32. I'd place good money that Drake will win.

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