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  1. In this case, subtitles are used for foreign language whereas captions are used for native language. This is a general although not universal rule.

  2. The Doctors of NuWho are giving their age post regeneration into the War Doctor. When the War Doctor says he’s 800 years old, he means he’s 800 years from Night of the Doctor. Subsequent Doctors kept counting the same because it was that was the major event in their life.

  3. Richard Donner’s Superman and Tim Burton’s Batman are far superior to anything on this list.

  4. I was thinking of choosing doctor who. Now I've never watched the OLD ones so I dont know if they have the same intros, so when you say doctor who... which shows intro do u refer to?

  5. I wonder if you can catch them in the main game in the wild. How else will you complete the Pokédex since you have to catch multiple of each?

  6. Parmesan and Parmigiano reggiano are not the same thing. Buy Parmigiano reggiano

  7. I know. I’m sorry I didn’t spend the time typing out Parmigiano-Reggiano every time I used it. I thought using it in the title would be enough. I’ve edited my question to properly reflect what I meant.

  8. Scarface. I understand it’s technical masterpiece and historical significance. Everything is good. But I don’t like it.

  9. Are you referring to the 1982 remake? The original one is from 1932. I haven't seen it yet but I think it might be a good one.

  10. Beautiful looking thing, is there a specific name for this kind of piano? Ive played on one before but idk what theyre called. Have fun!

  11. In terms of how done to get it, medium rare to medium is generally the sweet spot on steak. Unlike pork, steak is safer to eat at lower temperatures. When at the steakhouse, let them know that it’s honestly your first time having steak and so you’re not quite certain what to get or how to have it prepared. Most chefs would eat up the experience of getting to give someone their first steak.

  12. Sure, I guess I will ask the waiter or chef for some opinion when I make my order. Thanks mate!!

  13. It’s not fair. Rowlet and Cyndaquil are two of my favorite starters. How am I supposed to choose?

  14. Tired of remakes. I want original stories set in previous regions. Take us back to Kanto and let us see it 25 years later.

  15. If RTD doesn’t milk her for all she has, you know for a fact Big Finish will. They’re wonderful at taking a good idea and milking it to within an inch of its life. Don’t get me wrong: I love Big Finish and spend way too much money there, but they wouldn’t exist if they didn’t do this.

  16. I take my leftovers and weigh out 4oz portions, wrap each portion in aluminum foil and freeze. Then when I need a quick meat for something, I can just take it out and enjoy.

  17. Smoke boneless skinless chicken breasts underneath your bacon. The bacon fat will constantly baste them and they will turn out so juicy and flavorful. A friend of mine could not believe I didn’t brine the chicken before I cooked it.

  18. Thanks for your submission! Unfortunately, it's been removed because of the following reason(s):

  19. Thanks for your submission! Unfortunately, it's been removed because of the following reason(s):

  20. I only grew up eating the sweet kolache with walnuts that my mom makes. So glad I never came across a meat version... thinking about it is grossing me out lol

  21. Never had walnut. That could be good. I'd be curious to get her filling recipe.

  22. We have a huge Czech population in Central Texas. Lots of little family owned kolache bakeries and some chains (like Kolache Factory). Most have meat/savory fillings (klobasnek) as well as fruit filings (kolaches), but most places call both kinds kolaches. Both types are delicious little pockets of heaven IMHO.

  23. Never assume anyone else's research is good until you've checked the source documents yourself. It's amazing how many mistakes are being perpetuated because people don't check for themselves!

  24. Good to know. I’m looking forward to digging into all of this. Looking at everything critically.

  25. As you're going, something else to keep in mind is the difference between primary sources and derivative works. Census pages, state birth/death records, county marriage records, church baptismal records, and ship passenger manifests are examples of primary sources: written records left behind by people with firsthand knowledge of the events as they happened. These are the gold standard of research.

  26. Good advice. Definitely love primary sources. So much gold no matter what the topic at hand is.

  27. When Gen IV originally came out, everyone I know pronounced it “R c us”. I was completely confused that people were pronouncing it “R K S”. It makes sense thanks to Sylvally, but it’ll always be “R c us” to me.

  28. The Pokémon Yellow opening sequence and getting my own Pikachu. I was so stoked to have my first Pokémon game.

  29. Couldn’t agree more, although it really first gets hinted at back with Eight. My favorite NuWho companions are the ones the Doctor hasn’t had a romantic connection with: Donna, Bill, Martha, Clara with 12 in order. I think it allows for better story telling. It’s also one of my biggest hesitancies with RTD coming back.

  30. Oh boy, that bacon wrap sounds greatttt. Thanks mate!

  31. Not wrap. They are two separate things. The bacon on the top rack and the chicken underneath.

  32. I have two racks in my smoker. When I smoke chicken breasts, I smoke bacon strips on top of them. The bacon fat bastes the chicken and keeps it nice and moist.

  33. Thanks for your submission! Unfortunately, it's been removed because of the following reason(s):

  34. Yes. That’s the trade off. They raise you and sacrifice to provide for you as you are young, you help and provide for them as they age. Whether you always feel loved, they had a duty and so do you.

  35. I love it. It’s very much in line with what the comics of the day were. Plus probably the best casting for most of the villains that we’ve had to this day.

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