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  1. Big deal! When I was a kid, we got spanked by presidents till the cows came home. Why, Grover Cleveland spanked me on two non consecutive occasions.

  2. Just when I was getting over my Chester A. Arthritis . . .

  3. Who else would you give that money to who actually wants to come to DC. Go on. Who in the last 10-20 years of Beals calibers has even been slightly interested in the Wizard??

  4. I will give Beal credit for always saying the right things. He’s never wavered in saying he wants to be here long term

  5. That ain’t no guess, that’s what it’s gonna be!

  6. Y'all haven't listened to enough Crue. I'm not about to tell you that Tommy is equivalent to Bonham/Peart, but the guy was playing some interesting patterns and grooves back in the day. He liked to do a lot of interesting high-hat open/closed work and he used to do a lot of interesting cymbal chokes.

  7. Yeah I’ve always enjoyed crue and Tommy Lee is a great rock drummer. His stuff on their self titled album with John Corabi is absolutely filthy

  8. Milhouse, give him back his soul I've got to work tomorrow!

  9. I was looking at their wiki page, and I was surprised to see that they're still getting high on the alt rock charts pretty regularly. I listen to alt rock stations mostly, and I feel like I haven't heard a new song from them since Pain.

  10. They for sure don’t get radio play anymore, you’re not just missing it I promise. That said their last album isn’t bad and they still put on a decent live show

  11. They summoned an entire second cat ! Also very jealous of how chill this chonker is, my cat hates the brush

  12. I’m so jealous too. My cat loves the brush but he gets so excited he won’t sit still. I so wish I could do a thorough brush on him like this.

  13. Some bars close to George Mason would probably be a good bet for what you’re looking for. It’s been years but I used to have fun at Auld Shebeen on weekends

  14. which cowboys fans have you interacted with on the nfl sub who have been arrogant lol? We get made fun of constantly and those of us who live in Dallas get called bandwagon fans for liking our city's team when we haven't even won a Superbowl in almost three decades lol.

  15. Agreed. I really try to keep a lid on it in this sub but all we do is get shit on and take it and every other fan base constantly calls us arrogant. I think it’s just a built up hatred over the years because of the “America’s team” bs.

  16. Unlikely he’ll get in the HOF without an all pro selection or championship under his belt.

  17. Ive watched this episode a hundred times and never understood this until now

  18. Just depends on the song, I'd say overall I'm pleased with my teenage self's taste in music.

  19. Those first four bands you mentioned were also some of my favorites in high school and I’m grateful to have seen them all live as I got older. For bands I loved then that I like less now I’d have to say Drowning Pool, Godsmack and Shinedown, lol. So much butt rock

  20. If you’re thinking of getting to town early you could walk around the capitol grounds. They’re kinda nice and have monuments and shit. Then yeah you could hit secret sandwich or perlys (kind of a trek but worth it) for a bite before the show.

  21. Play along to songs you like. Any rock songs in 4/4 time will work to establish a nice groove. Watch drum covers on YouTube if you need to visualize what the parts look like. Good luck broski

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