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  1. Honestly hiking the 4kers this weekend sounds like it’ll be miserable. Hot. Icy. Snowy. And everything falling apart. I would bring micro spikes and be prepared to post hole and slip all over the place. Next weekend will probably be much better.

  2. Unfortunately only have this weekend off until mid summer and was hoping to do something in the Whites.

  3. Probably disintegrating monorail and deep slushy snowpack with plenty of ice in shaded areas. Still a ton of snow in the woods there. Would not attempt without traction. Doesn't sound too fun to me tbh. I'd wait another week or two.

  4. Would you recommend another loop similar in length for this weekend?

  5. I’m unfamiliar with how dry conditions are handled in the Whites. Will they enforce a burn ban if these conditions persist?

  6. Yeah there’s no way that company is making it to 2023 lol.

  7. I legitimately feel robbed for spending full price on a game that is less than 50% finished. They put too much money into marketing pre-release (we now understand why) that should have been put back into the development of the game.


  9. Nnracing, well that’s a url I haven’t seen in a long time.

  10. Damn we didn’t even make it to the first race without part tampering lol

  11. Job posting requirements don't mean shit. Just apply. Nobody knows what they're writing about other than very few exceptions.

  12. To add onto this titles can be vastly different in terms of work/responsibilities/salary between companies.

  13. Hey Dale, what’s your favorite memory from NR2003 back in the day?

  14. Isn’t this just a supersize meal without actually saying it?

  15. The legend returns, thanks a million dude.

  16. What were they like anyway? They looked pretty good, are they real? Are they built for speed or for comfort? What'd you do with them? Motorboat? You play the motorboat? [makes motorboat noises] You motor-boating son of a bitch! You old sailor, you! Where is she? She still in the house?

  17. Did not expect to see a Wedding Crashers reference here…bravo 😂

  18. Currently using plausible for my projects.

  19. This is awesome. I love your other pieces too.

  20. Wreckfest 2 next gen only would be nice!

  21. The amount of spoilers dropping in this subreddit for this game is unreal lol.

  22. Just had the same behavior with my left one. Sent it in and receipt upon return said the unit was replaced.

  23. I get Airpods Pro recently and found out that the mic sound is muffled. Then I found out that it's a common problem with Pro.

  24. I also just purchased AirPods Pro during Black Friday and was on the phone with Apple Support that day.

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