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  • By - H746

  1. Started my collecting with that series, awesome story featuring the struggle or morality in the face of evil. Also features sexism in the form of MJ’s uselessness and ignorance. Awesome cover art though, no doubt about it.

  2. Done with “democracy”, its time to come to our senses and do the only logical thing to repair this beautiful country by swearing in and paying our love and respect to our one and only King and savior The Rock.

  3. Shit my pants. Then ask if the interviewer just farted with a seemingly disgusted face.

  4. Truth be told dude I don’t really have any expertise in my industry, but I make it work by accepting the general challenge of learning a new practice, regardless of my own interest in the subject.

  5. At this point, I’ve lucked out various times on actually getting one, but have never gotten anything more than an uncommon. I’m more or less fed up on this reaction and luck-based scheme after spending $100 on digital comics. Long term plan is to just keep these little digital pieces of Marvel art, wait to see how VeVe evolved, and put my money into investments that make more sense.

  6. Ive decided not to put 1 more real dollar into it until I know for sure I have the ability to cash out. Until then, I'm under the assumption its a cash grab. Every other NFT platform had that ability from the get go and its just getting ridiculous at this point.

  7. I agree with you, and I could also see it from the licensor’s perspective with a brand like Disney or Marvel wanting to see how the market itself would evolve before allowing its products to come off the initial platform.

  8. I have a a best friend that just wants to see the world crash and burn, and loads us up with conspiracy theories and all sorts of nonsensical bullshit from time to time. He can also be a huge dick.

  9. I feel like you’re missing a significant part of my response, where he is actually a really great guy in public and to society.

  10. For Spider-Man, you're better off waiting for the next run. I'm digging the current run (Beyond) a lot, but it's not new-reader friendly. Find a different modern run in the meantime.

  11. Dang so are there some serious ebbs and flows to the Spider Man comic franchise? Seems like they either nail it on the head or leave people wondering whats going on

  12. Current run? I'm a person who tries to only spread positivity, because I love comics, but is it worth reading ASM right now? Eeeeeehonestly, not really. Don't worry about "Plot depth." The current run isn't deep. Currently, Peter's in hospital and someone else is being Spider-man for now, sponsored by a litigious company who provide his tech for him called Beyond Corp. All that is wrapping up in March, so that'd be a way better time to join, I think. The most recent issue had some cool art, though?

  13. Thats like word for word what my guru said at the shop. I trusted his word, but was curious if those basic plot points would cover the shift into the next run.

  14. They have multiple Spider Man iterations in the comic books (Amazing/Spectacular/Web of, etc.) I don’t see why Sony wouldn’t capitalize on an opportunity to have more than one successful franchise regardless of complexity between cinematic universes. As long as people can go to a movie theater, they are likely going to see any film with the title of Spider Man

  15. My cat and best friend of 18 years passed away yesterday, and I am literally holding myself together by a thread.

  16. It's more profitable to sell them individually, but you might want to consider cutting people a deal who are interested in buying multiple issues at once (I do this for comics, games, etc.) Be sure to look up how to securely package them for shipping.

  17. Thank you, I did not know that sub existed. I will definitely explore more over there!

  18. Basically our collectibles will move to a different blockchain (Which is the technology a cryptocurrency works on). This will most likely allow us to move the collectibles off of veve, and into our own crypto wallets (which is a more secure way of storing them)

  19. This also inevitably allows us to sell our NFT’s outside of VeVe in exchange for more well known cryptocurrencies as well, correct?

  20. I don’t see any reason the play the marketplace for any purpose other than selling a rebound to afford the next 1-2 etc. drops. The app is growing, and we haven’t scratched the surface of marvel comics coming to this platform. We are a generation of users with no streamlined way of cashing out.

  21. Escape From the City, composed by Jun Senoue and performed by Ted Poley and Tony Harnell - from the City Escape level of the Hero Story in Sonic Adventure 2

  22. Dude this song SLAPS from the 00’s through today and has a secure spot on my most played on Spotify.

  23. Great product placement. Hey Downy, great way to secure brand recognition for an important cause.

  24. I resinate so strongly with your statement about people taking selfies and looking for clout on social media because I’ve seen it myself in another, perhaps equally as controversial of a location.

  25. As someone who has his collection on display on his office, I just think about how fun it would be to do so virtually, and see how others incorporate their collection amongst their larger NFTs.

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