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  1. She’s just letting you know you need to wake up earlier and GRIND

  2. How’s it going? I got overwhelmed at home and couldn’t reply

  3. All good! We are mostly on one nap, upped our white noise and did some temp control in her room. I also realized that her oscillating fan was blowing towards her blackout curtain potentially letting in some early morning sunlight. She’s now sleeping in a little bit more (6:30/7:00 which I’ll take over 5:15!) Last nap is now ending between 1pm and 2pm. We’ve also increased our outdoor time in the afternoon/evening which is good for everyone. Thanks so much for checking back in!

  4. A good travel coffee cup. I use a Contigo. It doesn't leak/spill and keeps coffee or tea hot for hours. I think it should be given to any parent who drinks something hot.

  5. Second this. It helped me not get mad at my baby for keeping me from drinking hot coffee and I was so worried about spills. 13 months later I still use it everyday!

  6. 13 months old and still contact napping for every nap. It works for us, it works for our childcare and it has not at all impacted falling asleep independently at night

  7. It gets soooooo much better and sooooo much more manageable. I cannot tell you how much I regretted having a baby during the newborn stage. She’s 13 months now and we’re napping together before our day at the zoo. Hang in there!!

  8. There is nothing, let me repeat, NOTHING wrong with you. I’m about a year in and it’s fucking relentless.

  9. I’ve been a dieter my whole life. Eight months ago I had a daughter. I have had zero desire to go on a diet nor do I think I ever will again. I eat healthy bc I want to be around for a very long time for her, not because I care to lose weight. I also don’t want to model diet culture for my little girl.

  10. Same problem here with my ferber trained little one.

  11. Yes! I feel so bad. She’s sleeping 12 hours at night so three 1+ hour length naps seems like a wild amount of sleep in 24 hours but she’s so cranky when she wakes up from these short naps.

  12. If I had it to do over I would’ve hired a night nurse. My mom and husband think I’m nuts for saying that, but I swear I would.

  13. I wish I had known this was a thing before giving birth. Absolutely something I would have splurged on here and there for the newborn stage.

  14. When my five month old was a newborn she slept in my shirt while I sat up on the couch.

  15. The little diaper cream spatula. One more thing to wash and your finger is just faster and easier.

  16. I don’t know why but I wasn’t prepared to see a little drop of her blood on the bandaid when I took it off later that night so prepare yourself for that? I found it to be upsetting to see and ridiculous that I didn’t realize it would happen!

  17. Any tips for moving with a baby? We’re moving (same building, bigger apartment so not a terrible move) and baby will be just five months.

  18. I was where you are 5 days PP - I immediately got on Zoloft and two weeks out it’s a world of difference. Please talk to your doctor.

  19. I’ll second this. I had/have PPD and I’m responding super well to medication and therapy. I’m four months post partum and it’s still damn hard but so much more manageable.

  20. I don't know why sleep training is so bad. It worked great for us. It's not about letting baby cry itself to sleep at all. It's about routine. It's hard in the beginning tho. Make sure you are consistent.

  21. I am counting down the days to starting this process. We have to tough it out for a few more weeks (I dont want to start and then go on vacation and then move) but I know it will 100% be worth it. The upside is with all these contact naps I’ve been able to read Precious Little Sleep cover roll cover!

  22. Are you watching your baby while working or are you doing some sort of childcare?

  23. It will be a little bit of both. I work remotely for a very flexible job 3-4 days per week and grandparents will be helping out.

  24. Right there with you. My kid is three months old today and while the cloud of depression is slowly lifting, I’m still deeply mourning my old life and the freedoms I had. Things are better than the first few weeks however I cannot imagine ever going through this again.

  25. Thank you! It sounds like we’re doing things correctly. This is all so anxiety inducing!

  26. 2.5 months is too early to do any type of sleep training.. normally you don't start until 4 months when they're developmentally ready for it.

  27. I’m aware of this, thank you. I guess my questions are more related to how we can get better and not feeding to sleep.

  28. My girl started life over my shoulder or knee in front of RuPauls Drag Race all day for 13 seasons. 🤣😂 As far as I can tell there’s been nothing but positive effects… although she regularly holds her bags in the crook of her elbow and walks on tiptoes like she was born for stilettos and shopping…

  29. I am in the middle of the fourth contact nap of the day with my two month old and I swear her first word is gonna be “shantay” with how much Drag Race I’ve been watching 🤣🤣

  30. Breast is not best if it results in an unfed baby. And tbh I’m jealous as hell because I desperately want to quit 🫠

  31. Yes! Most of my time is consumed by contact naps and I feel like the oxytocin we both get from that is better than a mom who is strapped to a pump all day ❤️

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