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Secret to Newborn Sleep

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  1. Right there with you. My kid is three months old today and while the cloud of depression is slowly lifting, I’m still deeply mourning my old life and the freedoms I had. Things are better than the first few weeks however I cannot imagine ever going through this again.

  2. Thank you! It sounds like we’re doing things correctly. This is all so anxiety inducing!

  3. 2.5 months is too early to do any type of sleep training.. normally you don't start until 4 months when they're developmentally ready for it.

  4. I’m aware of this, thank you. I guess my questions are more related to how we can get better and not feeding to sleep.

  5. My girl started life over my shoulder or knee in front of RuPauls Drag Race all day for 13 seasons. 🤣😂 As far as I can tell there’s been nothing but positive effects… although she regularly holds her bags in the crook of her elbow and walks on tiptoes like she was born for stilettos and shopping…

  6. I am in the middle of the fourth contact nap of the day with my two month old and I swear her first word is gonna be “shantay” with how much Drag Race I’ve been watching 🤣🤣

  7. Breast is not best if it results in an unfed baby. And tbh I’m jealous as hell because I desperately want to quit 🫠

  8. Yes! Most of my time is consumed by contact naps and I feel like the oxytocin we both get from that is better than a mom who is strapped to a pump all day ❤️

  9. Baby carriers! I know you said 8 pounds. Maybe that’s too soon. Some baby wraps can hold a smaller infant more safely. The wraps are excellent way to help.

  10. Wearing my baby has saved my back. Excellent for naps and putting dinner together.

  11. Just here to say that it’s so nice to hear that things are better. I’m seven weeks postpartum and I figured we’d be OAD before giving birth but my recovery (PPD/PPA) was the nail in the coffin. Always nice to read that things do get better. ❤️

  12. Wait so your mixing powder formula into breast milk but not adding the needed water?

  13. I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to mix the powder formula with nursery water as normal then add the breast milk. I think your Dr miscommunicated with you.

  14. So frustrating. I specifically asked if this is what she meant because the instructions on the formula are so clear about proper dilution.

  15. I totally agree. I had an unplanned c-section when my baby got stuck on his way out. It was scary and lead to a different recovery then I had been preparing for. Mentally I know the recovery was difficult and hurt but thats kind of all faded into a foggy haze now.

  16. I could have written this comment myself. I had such a shitty recovery experience in a baby friendly hospital and I’m still kicking myself for not doing research beforehand. I saw two different lactation consultants (neither of whom told me anything about combo feeding which we are doing now) and one spoke to me on my way out of the hospital as I’m trying to buckle my three day old baby into the car seat for the first time. Awful experience all around.

  17. Currently holding my almost seven week old while she takes a sweaty nap. I promise you it gets easier. Very marginally and very slowly. People (seasoned moms) told me this when she was 2-3 weeks old and I didn’t believe them, but it does. Like other commenters here i was crying constantly. I also still cry but it’s not constant and it’s not everyday. Give yourself all the grace in the world right now.

  18. How old is baby? Happy baby will be cooler, but imo nothing beats a stretchy carrier for an itty bitty brand newborn.

  19. My husband’s aunt suggested putting baby urine on a washcloth to clean the milk residue off her tongue. Luckily she doesn’t work in a Pediatrician’s office.

  20. Is pee on a baby’s tongue somehow better than milk residue???

  21. Thank you so much for this thoughtful and thorough response!

  22. One thing I have never seen mentioned. The length of the base of the car seat. Our Prius has a shorter bench length then I guess other cars. Our Britax isn’t allowed to be in the middle of the back seat because it’s too long for their safety measurements with the base installed. So we have to have it installed on the left side. Just wish someone had mentioned that measurement to me before! I don’t even know if those measurements are online or on the box. But it was interesting to me!

  23. I have the same issue with my Subaru Crosstrek. Which car seat did you go with?

  24. I’m a first time mom to a five week old and I too have come close. Last night she slept in my shirt on the couch. Developmentally appropriate survival mode at its finest.

  25. I unfortunately as a FTM fell victim and purchased over $300 in materials. If you DM me, I would be happy to send you anything you are curious about/might find helpful. I’m disgusted with myself and angry.

  26. Please don’t beat yourself up. Sleep deprivation has made me do similarly wild things.

  27. In the same boat with my one week old who HATES being swaddled. Falls asleep in two minutes but will not stay asleep in bassinet or crib. Sending good wishes

  28. As soon as I made my mind up about getting an epidural I was much less nervous about L&D. I had an amazing L&D experience and I 100% credit pain management for that experience.

  29. Honestly feed her whenever she wants to be fed, stop when she's full. There's a weight check on day five right? As long as she isn't crying loads after a feed she's probably content, and at her 5 day weigh, they will confirm with weight too.

  30. All she wants to do is sleep, snuggle, and latch on occasionally. She definitely isn’t showing hunger signs and is happy as a clam once she’s done.

  31. I’m having a baby in four weeks. I am a social worker at an agency that supports children and families. Our maternity leave policy? Two days.

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