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[OC] My new Dr thinks my cancer is treatable and I just hit 2 weeks without a drink.

This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth

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guide 4 teens

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  1. "it has to do with her past history" You're her mama. You are the past history.

  2. There were endless stories about his racism for decades previous and half of the US still idolises him

  3. A lot of them are from social posts and promo photos

  4. That is literally what the OP posted about. Why are you here friend?

  5. !explanation. My mother found out in a backwards way, (I wasn’t planning on telling her at the time) that I’m gay. She very obviously doesn’t approve and still doesn’t. I completely cut her out of my life when she started texting my girlfriend about how she’s ‘destroying my life and changing me’ I’m in a very loving relationship with my beautiful girlfriend so that was an extremely easy choice in my eyes. The car that she talks about - I handed it back immediately after the comment and I gave her the keys. Told her I didn’t need her in my life.

  6. Damn you’re a boss! Good work! Stay strong and no contact.

  7. This is such a well phrased question. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy 💜

  8. I feel like this would be a cool post to pin, we slowly build it up over time

  9. Not social isolation within a group. LOL. Physical isolation perhaps, if environmental factors support one genetic trait over another, or if mating skews an appearance trait.

  10. Social isolation means groups aren’t interacting, which includes copulation.

  11. Ah yes, Amazon and the morality we’ve all come to expect from it.

  12. 8 years old and that’s when my life started going downhill

  13. Given the amount of scholarly research into reward based systems, not sure what this tool was trying to achieve

  14. It’s not about likes, it’s about seeing how a reward system works… where I pay $100 for likes.

  15. They should've just chanted "Fuck the bigots" and let all the Mormons try to figure out if they were being hated because of their racism or their homophobia

  16. Omg that is a great strategy. Keeping that in my back pocket.

  17. This would be such a great way to get some very weird job interviews.

  18. He may be being an asshat and all. But while she's acting all smug for online applause, its all a facade since innocent people have been killed by Muslims for burning the Quran. All these "rulings" are convenience-based, and this guy would be lynched for this if he was in any Muslim-dominated place.

  19. Innocent people have been killed by Christians for all sorts of bullshit they claim is against Christianity. Jerks gonna jerk.

  20. And Christianity gets justifiably shit on: without people coming out of the woodworks to derail the discussion by making whataboutisms about other religions.

  21. You and your brother seem awesome. I’m glad you have each other.

  22. I have no idea what meds he may have been on, but autistic children are more likely than neurotypical children to have issues with anxiety and depression. Maybe he was taking meds for that? My son is autistic and the same age as JJ was. My son requires anxiety medication and gets very panicky if he misses a dose, and it kinda sounds like what happened to JJ once Tylee went missing.

  23. Im not sure what meds he was on, but I remember one of the clues police had was Lori was not giving him his meds. They had not been picked up for months and the bottle had home had pills in it.

  24. Thank you, sounds like the absolute minimum people can do

  25. Just chiming in as disabled person to say there’s a broader disability rights movement. A good google to start learning is “socio-political model of disability” 💜

  26. Xanax is a terrible downer Fam. Benzo’s can linger in your system for 30 days.

  27. It’s a “downer” in the same way caffeine is an “upper”. These terms in the context of pharmaceuticals refer to speeding up or slowing down your body and mind.

  28. And yes I do realize how freakin sad this is that my BEST FRIEND is like this.

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