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  1. Sorrentino's on Sheridan drive used to do them.

  2. They still do names. 30 dollars for the name plate. Just need to remove the old one first.

  3. It looks like on the governor's website that the education portal opens in October. I tried applying and I don't know if my school/district has all the needed info.

  4. I was an early adopter of the wifi board. Mine always worked fine. There was an issue with the initial batch of boards and connectivity. Gorilla explained it like the manufacturer of the boards didn't cut out a part and that piece was blocking the wifi antenna. They replaced (free and without issue) all those boards. Mine works great still and no dropouts.

  5. As I recall, Coach Ruff hired referees to officiate the summer practices when they scrimmaging so all the players would know the new rules. They were also a collection of misfit toys who played for each other. Much like the team I think they are building now. Get a Hasek or Miller, a veteran D with deep playoff experience to help the young corps along (Teppo Numminen-esq) & the team will be good. Maybe scary good 😀

  6. I completely agree with you, but "get a Hasek or miller". I don't know how we casually find a hall of famer (or should be future for Miller). It needed for sure, but a tall order for any team

  7. We may have already drafted a superstar goaltender. Never know until they get on the big ice. This team has heart. They play for each other. There’s chemistry & not on just one line. They’ve had off nights but someone always seems to step up. They won’t beat you physically, or with skill, or with speed. They will best you with hard work & team work. They seem to have confidence in the netminders but they need someone who will steal games for them. Hasek & Miller had that. That one amazing stop that makes the team go. Ok boys he’s got our backs what are we gonna do to make up for it.

  8. Couldn't agree more. The make up and chemistry at the end of last year was great and showed promise for the future.

  9. Yeah, once I entered my serial number it told me I was eligible. I'm going to try to make it to UPS store today to send it off. Hopefully it's a smooth process and hopefully it works for you as well!

  10. What watch did they offer you as an upgrade? Or just blank credit for any watch?

  11. Sorry if I got your hopes up I should have been more specific they're repairing it or replacing it with the same model. Which is good because I love my vivoactive, and bad because I had already kind of set my sights on the new venu 2 plus.

  12. Ah ok. Now I got ya. Thought you had found a glitch in the matrix to get trade-in credits.

  13. Im having the same debate. I mainly run and like the running tracking on the 255. I don't, currently, do any swimming or biking but I need the golf features. That puts me at the 955 or use 2 watches (255 for running and my aging Vivoactive 3 for golf)

  14. Interesting... I suggest you sell the Vivoactive and get the 955 if you see yourself as a long term golf player.

  15. That's probably what I'll end up doing. Though I may hang on to the Vivoactive 3 as a backup or gift it to a family member. Been reading about the 955 and it def feels like a big change in terms of settings and data and everything else.

  16. From what I gathered, vaccinated people no longer require a test to cross the border, but are subject to random testing at the customs officer’s request. Maybe I read the article wrong???? Not sure

  17. I read it the same way that vaccinated people can cross but might get randomly selected to test, but they don't have to quarantine while waiting for results of the test.

  18. Exactly how I felt! I’m not expert at scouting or development but was curious as to how people felt with the pieces we have now. Obviously additions will be made to make the team better, but in regards to an elite 1c…. Hopefully we draft or find one soon 🤞

  19. I look at that list and think St.Louis stands out. Nothing against O'Reilly (he was/is great for them) but I don't think he is the same conversation as Crosby, Malkin, stamkos, etc.

  20. Yeah, I considered putting Point in there along with stamkos, especially with his injuries and reduced role those seasons. More to say that st louis, kind of challenged the narrative that you need the superstar elite center that had been established. Having high end centers and a solid supporting cast (with some level of luck that all the winners have) can get it done.

  21. I love how the Sabres are literally having a marketing campaign about guilting fans into going to RJ's night to make it a sellout.

  22. I felt the same way. One of the broadcast crew saying it would be great to fill the arena for him. That being said, I seriously consider getting tickets, so maybe the marketing is working

  23. I have found that when I use a wired connection to charge, I can set the alarm and plug in the phone. If I am wirelessly charging, I have to put the phone on the charger and then turn on the alarm to get adaptive charging. If it's outside of the defined hours, it won't work regardless.

  24. Same thing with my p6p. Plug it in after 9 and the adaptive kicks in pretty much always, but put it on the pixel stand and I have to do the same thing. Turn off the alarm and then turn it back on.

  25. Hot chicken wings and Bleu cheese

  26. Educational support and technology site.

  27. Light years. That song always makes me think of my grandmother. "your light made us stars"

  28. Same on Light Years. It came on PJ radio when I was driving home from the last time I saw my grandma in the hospital and then it was the first song on when I got in my car the day she did pass away

  29. Wow. Exact same thing for me too. As I was driving home me from the hospital, I remember that song in the radio.

  30. I have the pixel 3xl and have the same issue. My theory is it is a hardware issue. I dropped mine (a year or more ago) and it is cracked in the back corner around the camera. I notice that the wifi/Bluetooth cut out when the phone is in my back pocket or when something presses against the cracked corner. I push that corner a bit, reboot, and it's fine.

  31. Lined running shorts (without pockets because I've ripped so many of them) and a tech shirt from some race in the past. Though I do have an under armor one I got as a present and it might be the best tech/wicking shirt I own.

  32. Maybe it's just me but lots of Less than Jake, catch 22, and reel big fish. The horns and drums help me to keep pace.

  33. Looks great. Care to share the recipe?

  34. What were some of the lessons or insight on selling to schools. I have a similar website (not bullying or school violence based, more social/emotional support systems) and am struggling on how to approach schools.

  35. Started an education website to help with social emotional needs. Been developing and working on it for the past 6 months. Launched a week ago and made the first 2 sales to schools today.

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