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  1. These look like the Sterilite ones, I agree. I think I got mine at a combination of Walmart and maybe Hobby Lobby over the years.

  2. Do you have any recommendations for compartments that fit well within the drawers for sorting?

  3. I just made dividers with foam board and packing tape.

  4. I'd have to find something else to fill the gaps at work.

  5. Every single one of them. Otherwise, why quit?

  6. Yes, but I've never worked anywhere there wasn't something I was glad to be done with.

  7. Yes. If I had to pick one...hard to pick between scallops and shrimp.

  8. Peru, because they have more species of birds than any other country on the planet.

  9. I'm not sure I can think of an artist that I would spend the time and money to go to a concert and see.....

  10. I still think they could have done better with MASH.

  11. The difference is the textual sources. The DR is based on the Latin Vulgate, all modern translations are based on the Hebrew and Greek (Usually BHS for the Hebrew and GNT or NA for the Greek).

  12. The Latin Vulgate was translated from the Septuigent and ancient Hebrew texts which are no longer available. The Masoretic texts are the primary sources being used now if I'm remembering correctly.

  13. Septuagint is available in critical edition and is used int cross-checking the Masoretic text.

  14. Pop a vent cover off. Is the duct work clean? If not, whatever is in there is what you're gonna be breathing.

  15. My parents smoked, as did my grandparents, so it was "normal" growing up. (Back then restaurants still had "smoking sections."

  16. Since you used the British spelling for favorite, I'll limit it to the UK.

  17. They do tests until they die. Then they do an autopsy.


  19. My grandpa was in the Pacific Theater in WWII. Served on Iwo Jima. Story I remember the most is how he got heat stroke playing baseball on a black-sand beach somewhere in the Pacific....

  20. Grandpa wouldn't talk about his time in WWII, but his military documents say he was an expert rifleman and spent time in France and Germany, so I imagine he had to kill people and just chose not to ever relive it when his time was up.

  21. Not saying he didn't, but "expert rifleman" is just a marksmanship designation. Doesn't mean he's a stone-cold killer necessarily, just shot well in qualification on the range.

  22. With compassion. They are obviously trying to get attention/sympathy for some reason.

  23. That would be a big hit. Maybe if I paid cash for a F-150.....

  24. I wish I didn't seem to have my mom's low back issues. Not looking forward to the next 20-30 years if I'm following her trajectory of pain and surgery.

  25. That squid didn't see me. It wasn't his fault. I should have been more polite.

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