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  1. I no longer count my karma cause it’s at like somewhere around 10,000 karma

  2. I'm 18m and haven't 4000 karma. Can I be your friend?

  3. Period products for women , like sorry i was born that sex

  4. As a guy, I don't understand why bras are so expensive. It could be me being a guy or what but, yeah.....

  5. Agreed bras are really expensive. Also in my country there are not many sizes for plus size women or even for women who dont wear a/b cap its honestly frustrating to find something affordable for your size!

  6. Εμείς είχαμε στο γυμνάσιο είμαι του 91

  7. Το ότι έφτασα 25 ετών δεν σημαίνει πως δεν μπορώ να πηγαίνω στα σχολεία και να λέω στα παιδάκια "θέλεις να γίνουμε φίλοι;".

  8. Ναι τον πιάσαμε αποστολή οβε

  9. Δεν μασάνε τα παιδιά. Αν θέλουν να το κρατήσουν κλειστό, θα το κρατήσουν

  10. Δεν υποτίθεται ότι τα βόρεια είναι τα ακριβα κτλπ

  11. A big living room to decorate it with flowers hanging up from the ceiling

  12. Pancakes with honey ,frit of biscuits and nuts at the top

  13. Johnny dont leave me you said you would love me forever ☺️ honey believe me

  14. Your head is more round than oompa lumpa from chocolate factory

  15. Και εμένα που έστειλε σήμερα ενα euro

  16. First relationship and first 10 days when i was 15: I dont like holding your hand outside cuz i wanna have a backup plan for when we break up( meaning he wanted girls to think he is single)

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