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An advisor to the January 6 committee said he traced a call from a rioter's phone to the White House while the Capitol was under siege

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DOJ can resume criminal probe of classified documents from Mar-a-Lago, appeals court says

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  1. Based on the sub you most frequently interact with I’d recommend you take your own advice, as the image you hold of us in your mind is too specific not to be drawn from personal experience.

  2. But surely for this defence to work, they would have to prove they have the authority to do this. The President doesn’t need militias because they have the military to call on in this case. Thus, the Oathkeepers were (and arguably are) completely unnecessary, you ultimately don’t need people who dress up and play soldier when you have real soldiers.

  3. Anybody who does something like this is the enemy of all humanity, it is our collective responsibility to take away their ability to do it again.

  4. If i recall correctly that is either a CT scan or MRI of a baby’s head while it is still in the womb.

  5. So, everyone is talking about nukes. I think people have a skewed view of Nukes because of what happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Putin would most likely use a small tactical nuke. Which for all intents and purposes is just a very powerful bomb.

  6. Ever heard of the nuclear taboo? Get ready for way more conflicts to be solved that way.

  7. He should practice that hand movement as he is going to find it very useful in the next big house he lives in.

  8. If they made it 68% or something that might be a bit more believable. Who the fuck gets 96% in a legit election?

  9. Exactly, referendums don’t have those types of margins. There would be 2 very distinct sides over an issue like this.

  10. Isn’t it funny how those who call for violence so often have no intention of being any part of it.

  11. In all fairness it is probably pretty disheartening to be called names when all you’ve done is opined that somebody who supports the LGBTQ community is a ‘groomer’.

  12. This is the smoking gun. Also, we saw the gun fire and heard the bang and saw the victims die. And we saw the shooters’ faces, and we know the ringleader’s address and current location.

  13. I saw action in the Stargate off-world program, but it’s classified.

  14. It's kind of irrelevant. Since the President can declassify, and since he doesn't have to follow a set procedure according to the rules, its totally unprovable that he didn't. Hence the Patriot Act inclusion to make this non story, a story.

  15. No, it’s totally unprovable that he did it if there is no paperwork/process to back it up. He’s the one claiming he declassified them, he is the one that must provide proof of this.

  16. Your logic is the wrong way around. The DOJ is the one making the accusation they have to prove it.

  17. I’m sorry but what you are saying is categorically incorrect and runs contrary to what is actually playing out in a court room, right now. I would recommend reading up on and following the hearings that Judge Dearie, the Special Master, is currently holding with the DoJ and Trump’s legal team about this. I would also recommend reading/listening to what legal scholars and analysts are saying.

  18. To me, this just looks like a tacit admission that Russia’s position cannot be defended.

  19. You know what they say if you have to brag; it probably isn’t true.

  20. I would have rather seen an interview where they ask him why the morality police are beating women to death.

  21. But as long as the woman interviewing him is a ‘good little girl’ and submits to his demands, right?

  22. CNN has a lot of resources and know who they will interview in advance. If this was a legit surprise to them I would be shocked

  23. No, it’s a PR stunt by him because of what is happening in his country right now around this clothing item. She is an American citizen on US soil, this nebech has zero right to dictate what she does or does not wear when she speaks with him.

  24. This speaks to his inability to even understand the charges against him as well as his intelligence.

  25. When he is asked by the court ‘did you declassify these documents’, how does he objectively prove that he did it?

  26. He's correct. It's one of the perks of being the Executive Branch.

  27. How does he objectively prove a thought (very much in the realm of the subjective) in court?

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