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  1. Definitely take in a stool sample to check for parasites, but it could be normal due to the URI antibiotics. It shouldn't be watery runny, but I do often see stuff like Clavamox making stools much softer. The kittens stools should ideally be a bit softer than you'd think is "normal" for an adult cat, they have brand new butts after all.

  2. Thanks for the response! I’ll definitely talk to my foster coordinator about taking in a stool sample. Mama’s stool is very runny and I’m worried if the small size of one of the kittens could be related to diarrhea. Should I be largely concerned if he’s still active and gaining weight? He’s a spunky little guy and plays with his siblings, but only weighed 12.2 oz at the last weighing. For comparison, his sister, who is also smaller than the other 2, weighed 13.7 oz. He seems to be eating well and has even tried to eat tiny bits of mama’s wet food

  3. I think looking at the picture, he looks in good shape and that seems to be a normal litter range of sizes. His coat condition looks good too. But that's really all I can say from a photo, you will have a better idea of his body condition.

  4. Do you know what/if they were eating dry food at the shelter? If so, be sure to provide that and slowly add wet food in. I always want to give them wet food right away too but it always causes diarrhea if not added slowly enough.

  5. My shelter does 8 weeks and 2lbs - both conditions must be met for them to be placed up for adoption. They do send the young, young kittens out unaltered with a free voucher for a spay/neuter with the connected vet clinic, the adopter makes an appointment time that works for them. Animals that are closer to/within sexual maturity are fixed before being adoptable.

  6. I had carpet for my first 2? 3? groups of fosters. The last of those groups got coccidia and I immediately went and ripped it all up and replaced it with a moppable, scrubbable surface. The instant you get a contagious disease in there you'll want to do the same.

  7. I so agree, season 4 is definitely one of my favorites. It's one of the consistently more funny seasons, and I really like the comedic side of Buffy. And I don't hate Riley as much as others do, and the severe faults that you can find with him later I think are mostly due to just shitty writing that makes no sense anyways so I pretty much just handwave a lot of it away.

  8. Yes! He's been around so much in the music industry and a great human being overall. He'd be a really fun interview.

  9. I fought back. And the phrase "many fight back" doesn't at all suggest that "more than half" fight back - it's more likely just an implication that fighting back is not as rare as you'd think. Either way, your experience is anecdotal and doesn't confirm or disprove their statement, so I'm not sure what the point here is. Though, I will concede that the original poster's phrase "real abuse victims" is pretty invalidating to someone who had more of an experience like you - is that what set you off?

  10. The closest Spike gets to "simping for Buffy" is in Sleeper when he's talking about how another girl could never mean anything to him. Not once in this season does Spike try to get with Buffy or hold the soul over her or whatever. He's supportive of her, but not afraid to challenge her when he thinks she's wrong. You have invented this idea and placed it into the show in your mind.

  11. Exactly. I think Buffy kind of becomes a role model to him in a way, that makes him want to be the kind of man she COULD love. Not with the goal of gaining Buffy's love, but to be someone worthy of it - like Willow, Xander, etc. He saw in her and her circle the kind of person he wanted to be, and the guilt of what he did specifically to Buffy made him feel a need to make it up to her if he could once she let him back into her circle (which he didn't even initially try to do after returning with his soul).

  12. I feel like Ben Wyatt not getting Lil Sebastian whenever people bring up Paddington. I thought it was a nice family movie, but not anything special. I don't get the insane amount of love for it. I feel like I'm missing a joke. I'm not knocking anyone for loving it though. I just... don't understand.

  13. Thank you! I've been feeling like a soulless heathen for not finding Paddington to be worth the hype it gets. And I'm game for a softie happy movie any day, it was just so mind numbingly boring.

  14. Wow, my favorite seasons are almost exactly opposite to these results 😆 Season 4 is hilarious, surprised it's so low.

  15. He doesn’t get much to do other than talking Willow off a cliff, which is arguably his best moment.

  16. Holy shit, this would have been so dark but really appropriate, honestly.

  17. The most unpopular opinion I have about the show is probably that I don't think Xander wasn't that bad. He messed up and wasn't a great guy all the time, but he was generally there for his friends and tried to do the right thing. He hasn't aged super well in some situations, making him come off as sexist and having super fragile masculinity, but he genuinely was a product of the times, and as the series went on, I genuinely think he got a lot better as the character matured.

  18. Xander is no more or less flawed than the rest of the other characters were. Except Tara, she was a literal angel.

  19. In their own room, for sure. Honestly for the first ~3 weeks you won't need to do much for the babies, momma is going to be taking care of everything. You might need to just check in on them twice a day to refresh food, water, scoop litterbox. Weigh the kittens once a day to make sure everyone's gaining weight. Once they become more independently mobile then you might want to check in on them more, but momma is going to be the best caretaker they can have and you don't want her stressed or scared. If she's truly feral she will HATE your presence, sorry to say.

  20. As long as they're secure and can't hurt themselves getting into anything, I'm sure they'll be fine! You're competing against a shelter cage, so it's for sure going to be better.

  21. Thanks! That’s what I started to think, it’s much more space and more comfy than the cage at the shelter. The closet is empty other than what I have set up for them so they do have enough space I was just worried about not having good air flow for the night. But it’s just for tonight, I will cover up the baby gate tomorrow and they’ll be sleeping with the door open from then on.

  22. And so much less stressful. They'll love it no matter what. And if it's the first night with you, being so secluded might also help ease the shock of transitioning to somewhere so different than coming right out of the shelter. If it's not the first night, then really the worst thing is they might be a little bored (the horror!) but they have each other and will do just fine.

  23. I am lazy and a while back I cut an extra mousepad in half and have used it as a grippy thing ever since. It works amazing, I have never had any luck with the smacking it on a counter/using a knife/using hot water tricks sadly. It would be a lot easier on my life than keeping this weird grimy mousepad sliver around.

  24. To Spike telling Buffy "No you don't" - I think it's a double edged sword of not believing himself worthy of it yet, and also steeling himself for the sacrifice he was making. If he thought Buffy could love him, be with him, would he really be so ready to throw it all away to save the world? Since his love for her was more his driving force than anything, I don't think so. I think he needed to believe it wasn't possible, just as much as he couldn't believe it was actually possible once he had to grapple with the guilt of his actions with her once he was ensouled.

  25. Okay now I'm genuinely disappointed that Jeffrey Combs never played even a minor villain in BtVS.

  26. Yup, husky owner for life but damn are they weird and crazy. I'm super honest almost as a reaction to people saying they want one too when I KNOW they shouldn't have one.

  27. When I separated my problematic suckler, I placed one of the females with him because if I'm correct, they tend to suckle males/male genitals are the type that are physically at the risk of damage? I'm not sure if that latter part is true, but either way, I had no issues with inappropriate suckling between those two. Maybe that's something you could try to keep him company in the meantime?

  28. That moment in Miss Americana where Taylor talks about when people don't love you anymore, they just don't love you and there's no coming back. That's me after Billie's performance with Damon tonight and Finneas' joke about Taylor. Boo.

  29. Ok, I have low key always thought Billie/Finneas were shady towards Taylor sometimes. Her REALLY embracing Damon Albarn after he pitted them against eachother in the media and Finneas' joke kind of confirms that. I know people have always said "Therefore I Am" is about someone else but I have always had a pet theory that it was atleast partly referencing Taylor especially when she was trying to be publicly friendly with Billie around the time of Grammys/Woman of the Decade award times.

  30. Try using Facebook to see if there are any Sheltie specific rescues in your area that might be interested in helping him. Depending on your area, FB in general is a great resource for networking with private rescues that can help more than your local animal control.

  31. You can't split the order, but you can add two tracking numbers if that helps at all? I would just message the customer and let them know they will ship separately and that the first tracking number they receive is for x item, and that they will receive another for the other item as soon as it ships.

  32. She looks fantastic! Has she received any of the Neupogen?

  33. No, we’re having issues getting the prescription filled. Going to aim for tamiflu since it’s equally effective in kittens under 2 lbs. I’m hoping to pick up both tomorrow if the ER vet can fix the prescriptions

  34. Good luck! Super interested to hear how it works out. After your other post I was reading a research article that showed some really promising survival statistics.

  35. This has happened to me before and i just ship with the new address they give me, i've never had any problems from doing it this way. You will always have the message as proof if need be anyway.

  36. Same, never had a single problem with a customer switching an address. People always cry fraud but 50k sales and this is requested almost daily for me and I've not had that be the case once.

  37. The Godfather Pt. 2 - not sure what that says about me at all actually

  38. It's a bit of a stretch but it could possibly be due to Goliath fully embracing his "human side" from being on earth for so long, and Harry's mind is relating more to being human as well. I might be digging to deep into a silly show but I'd say it's a psychological easter egg. Or maybe they just love Alan's face and wanted to give us a human face for Goliath in case we get flash backs later.

  39. I really like this theory and I think it fits what the show was angling towards the entire time between them. Plus I also love Alan's face.

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