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  1. Are you talking about a hybrid? They have normal engines up front, same process.

  2. Full Ev, it gets dirty from weather rain dust etc, Can exactly power wash it how should i do this

  3. You power wash it, like you said. What are you getting hung up on? It's just a car. Clean it the same as any other car.

  4. Nix the shrieking from your comment and we can put it back up. If you want to scream about voting find another sub. Keep it constructive. Thanks.

  5. Thread has been locked due to predictable idiots.

  6. Swap to winter tires and wheels, replace wipers, do a glass treatment, and toss on a coat of Collinite 845 if it's not dipped.

  7. Look it up and see if it has ammonia. One use shouldn't damage anything.

  8. We began retail sale of cannabis. Our state could have been a leader in the market but the State had to be dragged kicking and screaming into the new age. We produce so many wonderful and unique products that Vermont-grown cannabis could have been the next craft beer boom.

  9. Honestly I'm kinda surprised you guys weren't already on that train.

  10. Rule 4. Check out the wiki and post on the assistance sticky

  11. Please don't shitpost here. Your thread has been removed

  12. There was plenty of scrubbing, hosing it off wouldn’t clear the crud from the cup holder

  13. "Scrubbing with water" isn't really what I'd call detailing.

  14. I didn't see any references to detailing? He just said he gave it a clean?

  15. Polish and presumably ruin the warranty, or just go to your installer to have it done.

  16. It won't stop the truck from getting dirty. It'll just keep dirt from sticking so it's easier to clean.

  17. Rule 4.. Check out the surface damage guide on the wiki.

  18. I have no idea if any of mine are neutral. They just get good results lol.

  19. If it states anywhere that it’s safe for waxes and sealants it’s most likely ph neutral

  20. Rule 4. Check out the wiki site and post on the assistance sticky

  21. Please be civil. Your posts have been removed.

  22. That makes zero sense because carnauba wax only lasts a month at most.

  23. This sub is for photos, not screenshots. Repost with the original photo and please go read the rules.

  24. It can gather and scrape dirt against the paint.

  25. You got robbed on this one. Check out prices at other businesses near you.

  26. Oh ok cus I read that if it gets on the motor it can catch fire so I’m scared

  27. Your engine is under the hood, not directly behind your wheel.

  28. Rule 6. Before and after pics are required to show what you did.

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