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[OC] Inflation and the cost of every day items

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  1. “Fucking hell Dan, pack it in” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🥲🥲

  2. How the fuck does corn increase. ‘Merica subsidized corn like $18646 bajillion each year…

  3. Oh, greening is less impactful now? I’ve moved out of FL years ago but it was a real concern a while ago.

  4. Lived in both, this tracks w/ either state. Omg south Jersey reminds me of “home”… and not in a good way…

  5. I’ve lived in South Jersey all of my life and I have only thought of it liberal, but then again I’ve only lived in Camden county in that doesn’t really reflect the diversity that is SJ

  6. I’m in PTon, so very liberal compared to where I was in FL. Going south, feels more mixed but it’s the MAGA fuckers (not conservatives, psychos that are disconnected from reality) that start showing up that really feels FL. Plus, the trucks start getting real tall 😜

  7. No one should talk to someone else like this. Do not marry this person!

  8. Yeah I was having sex zero times a year for the last two years of my marriage haha. Good times.

  9. How bummed would you be when someone talked about birthday / anniversary sex? Like I was just happy to not be berated on my bday….

  10. Oh man it was so depressing. I didn’t even consider divorce as an option back then and I was always like welp this is my life I guess.

  11. Thanks a lot ‘Merica Puritan/Catholic upbringing where you just trudge through pain and turmoil for decades till you pass out from panic attacks. I may be getting very specific though 🤪

  12. Good for you bruh! Hitting the gym, feeling better about your appearance, really goes a long way. Also, I’ve noticed how much generally happy I am when I’m in shape, though it may have something to do about not being around an abusive, gaslighting, sociopath anymore…. 😜

  13. I was working with my weights every other day and jogging the other days

  14. So I should stop snorting 30g a day is what ur telling me?

  15. My 10 y.o. will do pop punk and emo rap, the most brutal two xHCx of all the sub generals.

  16. Casting Such A Thin Shadow - sounds like Tool and when it finally hits, it hits hard.

  17. I’ll Moma (Google’s internal search tool) him when I get in the office on Tuesday and ping him to let him know he’s internet famous.

  18. I don’t know man. That is just the type of comment a ghost would posts

  19. Yeah, using context clues to make an educated guess is way too hard - if only there were some kind of "

  20. ELO score. How does it work in chess? Basically when you start competing you will be given a relatively high ELO (it's a number). If you win against a player with an higher ELO than you your ELO will increase a lot; if you win again a player with a lower ELO than you your ELO will not increase or it will increase by not much; if you lose again a player with a much lower ELO than you you will lose a lot of points; if you lose again a player with a much higher ELO than you you'll lose few points or you will not lose anything. It's the same algorithm used to determine how many LPs you'll lose or gain after a game in League of Legends.

  21. Pair this with monetized engagement features that makes you feel that if you spend $$ you’ll fair better.

  22. I just now realized in the least arrogant and braggy way possible I am one of these dudes and need to avoid leading people on for this reason

  23. Welcome to the club bruh 😎 But I also feel deeply conflicted about it…😢

  24. I would just keep guessing wrong and let you get all the points while I won the game.

  25. There you go Nick! A new game she'll never expect!

  26. I (white af) can say it correctly too while I spell, to turn the spice up to 11. Maybe annunciation will be a challenge but I’m up for it.

  27. Books with funky writing styles help me. When an author uses the like actual medium as a story telling tool (think like chuck palahniuk or hunter s. Thompson). Like not just a bunch of dense expository paragraphs. The constant switching (both in the story and literally how the words appear on the page) helps me stay focused.

  28. I’m trying real hard for a “it’s not delivery, it’s digiorno” witty line…it’s not materializing for me…guess we’ll have to settle for a drink at the Olive Garden instead.

  29. A man who says he can last hours upon hours and thinks it's a thing women want is obviously not amazing at sex 😂

  30. “You know, when you, like, you grab a woman's breast and it's... and you feel it and... it feels like a bag of sand when you're touching it.”

  31. Unfortunately when you try and shame a terrible person for their body type, it ends up hurting good people that also happen to have that body type.

  32. Still looking for one that gives me a d10 cantrip and spell slots back on a shot rest

  33. Um…you need a patron for that you filthy warlock / good person.

  34. I’m still conflicted about deja entendu showing up on my playlist.

  35. Sometimes I'll give an album a listen, but it doesn't feel the same anymore.

  36. Ngl, I said this and then immediately played it. Still conflicted but making me feel maybe so what better while riding NJT home.

  37. As charlton heston put it: “I'm cop killer, it's better you than me Cop killer, fuck police brutality! Cop killer, I know your family's grievin' (fuck 'em!) Cop killer, but tonight we get even, haha!”

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