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  1. Get a Tacoma, somewhat affordable and sleek as can be. Great longevity too

  2. Affordable is an over statement.

  3. I got a 2023 lunar rock TRD OR for 40 with my 4runner trade it was 18k OTD

  4. That’s fire, lunar rock is a sweet color too.

  5. Cool, but would never want it as my rig

  6. Yeah I agree I like the chrome sprocket and wheels maybe a stem but yeah tyres were so goofy

  7. Yeah that’s nice, but the fork and bars looked odd. Fire now.

  8. Dude I hate that turn so fucking much.

  9. Coming from an 07 xterra , was just done with all the nonsense. Give me the timing belt so no more chains, and suspension looks ridiculously simple on these beast.

  10. Work needed is front shocks (included replacements just not installed) and needs wheel bearings on one side.

  11. Oh also manual transmission and vortec v6

  12. 5speed v6 can be hard to find. If you like to drive manual go for it

  13. I haven’t driven manual besides paddle if on my parents Subaru. I’ve alway been intrigued

  14. Wait till you see what people do on bmx

  15. Pink bike if you don’t mind shipping. Second hand sport stores, and last pawn shops

  16. What happened the engine and trans? Both should be pretty bullet proof

  17. What you mean? 2nd gen has both issues. Smod and timing chain guides

  18. The Gen1 had a timeing belt - so no timing chain guides.

  19. My bad you’re right. I’ll change my comment. I’m debating selling my 2nd gen for a first gen near me. Transmission was already done but at around 180k I’m just about due for timing chains.

  20. Surprised you’re not an expert on this like you are on everything else..

  21. Pretty easy to DIY. Takes like 10 minutes.

  22. Yeah might try that, can’t be too hard right:)

  23. Surely if you can afford a McLaren you can afford a tilt tray tow truck to come get it. Even if the rate is highly excessive due to the danger. This wasn't exactly a flash flood, the storm was on its way for ages.

  24. You’d be surprised how much people spend on cars without having the cash

  25. Was debating between this and commencal meta ht.

  26. More reliable tbh compared to 05-10 2nd gen

  27. The timing chain can be an expensive or time grueling job. Depending on a shop or not.

  28. He has his hand around her waist at the end and she’s allowing it. Of course she’s allowed a ton of shit so it doesn’t mean anything but the point is as far as that poor bastard is concerned, this a date.

  29. Idk I’ve seen some creepy touchy guys. Some girls just go along or afraid to say no

  30. Honestly how do we even know the guys on a date. She could have given him a little dance and now he’s following her around

  31. Basically Ethan was doing a live call and a girl was talking about poop. He then after the call said he had to go to the bathroom. They basically made the assumption he went to go jerk off to her talking about shit.

  32. Yeah I just was showing it was a scam my b

  33. I’m a huuuuuge union fanboy… on my solid boards.

  34. Love sparks stuff, local to Bozeman too!

  35. Could drill a small hole in the bottom, have heard it works as drainage

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