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  1. Be cautious, last time a rider did it, he died and became Jesus

  2. I really love how japanese people just saw two different beetles and thought: "Welp, they're natural rivals, opposed to each other"

  3. Still waiting for Ace to accidentaly summon a fox head and killing everyone in front of him

  4. I don't think anything has been confirmed, toei has completely left rita's whole pronoun situation ambigious for now. So I'm also just gonna address rita as her for the time being.

  5. It's difficult to tell their pronouns, since japanese often leaves pronouns kinda blank, it depends mainly on the context or other words that suggest that a character is female/male

  6. Man, God's smiting Gomora wasn't enough already?

  7. Finally I found the official name of these guys

  8. Oh yeah, I knew he had a finger on these designs, these gruesome yet cool designs are kinda his watermark right now

  9. Legends say that after this event, all the seats were left with a very strange fluid, experts can't say which fluid it is

  10. Legends say that after this event, all the seats were left with a very slimy fluid, experts can't say which fluid it is

  11. He is forgettable. I mean, his design is pretty standard and looks like Ichigo (since the series was meant to be a remake of the first Kamen Rider), also, the only trait that he has that I can remember is: He can fly, and that's it, it's the only ability that most of fans can remember. I wouldn't say that people HATE him, just, doesn't feel like their cup of tea

  12. That just make me wonder who the hell are they? AI from the future?

  13. People from a future where a frog statue has consciousness and a piece of paper can auto-write itself

  14. Your logic does make sense, but I dunno, he doesn't show any signs of homosexuality (not that I'm a expert in indentifying gay people). And tbh, they could be just bros, most people would fight until the end to avenge someone at the same circumstances

  15. Why can't people accept men can be best friends/almost brothers with each other without being gay?

  16. Cuz society thinks that "Men show some kind of affection for other men = Gay". Seriously, not every men or women characters who has more than 3 minutes together is instantly gay/lesbian. But I'm not here to judge people for doing something very common, your head, your canon

  17. He is restrained in Sentai, that's why Donbrothers is so good.

  18. This man needs freedom of writing whatever mad things he wants to make, and Super Sentai have just the thing that Kamen Rider or Ultraman doesn't

  19. Agito is the best show in the franchise and Faiz is great, people just don’t see the vision

  20. I think they just don't like most of Inoue's traits as an writer, like when there's a subplot focused entirely on some kind of love triangle, which can be a little annoying sometimes, but overall, he isn't a bad writer at all

  21. Papillon's gender is kinda ambiguous, as their description doesn't include any gendered pronouns, so it might be deliberate, regardless of the actress' gender. So maybe

  22. Sometimes pronouns in Japan are kinda unisex, so translating them depends mostly on context to determine whether they are refering to a woman or man (maybe an assexual, I'm not an expert)

  23. I miss early Heisei horror elements, it makes me think if Toei is ever going to make a more Horror oriented show or movie, not a bloodfest, just plain horror

  24. I realized just now that Ohma Zi-O's helmets has little "王" Kanji written on it

  25. I guess they are like a Butterfly. All males and females look virtually the same, so why not make a Ranger that neither looks like a girl nor a guy? I guess I'm thinking too much

  26. When the real villain here is the squirrel and the train is just trying to help the child not fall to this trap

  27. His suit looks like a Picasso's painting or modern art statue. Maybe it will grow in me

  28. Looks line they are going to beat you up for not paying your taxes

  29. I mean, you can atleast give them a discount for being children. But most of side characters can't be excused too much

  30. Nah, like, it's not the first time someone made a Ninja themed form, even inside Kamen Rider (ZX, Fuuma, Ichigo arms), I don't know why people still think that "Tycoon = Shinobi" is real

  31. Is this supposed to make me feel sympathy for people working in an organization that's support nazi ideals? 😕 Cause I don't know if I would feel bad for the Spider guy when he gets killed by Kamen Rider.

  32. It's another type of organization, more like a religious cult

  33. I wonder what there gonna be doing with Sonoshi now that he's coming back

  34. Kind of strange how the latest Violet/Purple Rangers are kinda like that. Stacey having a girl's name. Murasame being gender ambiguous.

  35. He comes off as a flamboyantly homosexual pastry chef, but he used to be in the military, so he’s a pretty hardcore fighter.

  36. Shut up, we all know that Bravo's sexuality is Melonsexual, try to inform yourself next time (joke)

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