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  1. Full disclosure I've never worked a commercial kitchen before, but I read this sub and pray to St. Anthony. based on that, I think the below will get you through most interactions.

  2. I imagine a piece coming off could have catastrophic effects on the later stages though right? Or are they also designed to withstand the remnant of major damage in the first stages?

  3. Not as much as you would think. the blades and stators tend to erode away, so there really isn't any material large enough to damage the LPT. You tend see LPT damage with dramatic HPT failures.

  4. A scrap donation from an engine company to use as visual learning aids. Not sure I'm entitled to say what company. Was told it's part of the turbine section yes.

  5. cEDH turbo ad-naus thoracle with storm back up plan. Best case it wants to resolve adnaus t1. defensive interaction only, doesn't play to the board at all. Win or go home by t4 at the latest.

  6. Wake the fuck up it's game dayyyyyyy.

  7. Going to the season ticket reception at 4, should be at the game until the end of fireworks. gonna put my liver to the test today.

  8. In today’s context [[Thawing Glaciers]] is considered a pretty bad land.

  9. Daddy Blitzer should open his pocket book of real life monopoly dollars and save Shohei from that train wreck

  10. Ohtani isn't leaving the west coast. so that's not going to happen. Judge would be sweet, mayybe freeman would be open to be closer to ATL.

  11. Off-topic but I'm going to say it here instead of

  12. Having lived for four years in Atlanta, I can't imagine why someone would want to stay there. I didn't like it so much I moved to Seattle.

  13. Verlander making the vaunted mets lineup look silly. I love it.

  14. No need to freak out, this is completely natural. She is molting, which means she's shedding her old skin. It's peeling off over the course of a few days, revealing the new, darker skin, you can already see it showing. This is a very vulnerable time for any plane, and you can rest assured she'll soon be taken into a hangar under a lot of hot lamps to shed her old skin in peace. Once the new skin dries up and hardens properly it'll turn it's more familiair white, or in sexually matured planes a colourful livery will appear. All planes go through this process, but the frequency and speed at which it happens differs a lot.

  15. Yup, paint is in short supply right now and airlines are having trouble getting planes painted.

  16. maybe the Rolls Royce engineering fault that caused the catastrophic failure of the engine on QF32?

  17. RR engines had a lot of teething problems.

  18. I mean this is also back when limited was.... um.... bad.

  19. [[Healers Hawk]] was OP in GRN limited.

  20. Ah I'm familiar with this move from Joe Kelly

  21. I’d let the air out of his tires

  22. Clase, with everything going terribly, gets through two errors to close it out. Pretty sweet.

  23. It's why I got his jersey and a signed ball on my desk. MY BOY

  24. Booing of correa is hilarious when we start Straw everyday.

  25. You got it? I got it? well we got the run.

  26. If you were born in Texas then why don’t you like any Texas baseball teams instead? Just curious. I’ve been in Atlanta for almost 15 years but I’d never consider the Braves a favorite of mine.

  27. Ehh I’m a fan of the Astros too. Call me a masochist but I want to get into the guardians, it’s nice to go to games and care about the team.

  28. BOS is a very good baseball team that plays in the meatgrinder of the AL East. For the two games I went to we never felt out of it, and that was more than I expected going into it.

  29. Y’all are really being……Unrealistic. Remember———It’s only June 26th. The Yankees have the best record in all of MLB. Yeah HOU could’ve won all four but what if the Astros had been either swept or lost that series? Trust me, a message was sent the last 4 days. Now on to the rest of the season people.

  30. If you're here expecting reasonable takes, I think you are in the wrong place. :)

  31. If you call in and buy tickets there are no fees

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