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September recap of Hillary’s IG or “A few letters different here and there”

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  1. Thank you for posting these! Ive been like a broken record in my comments talking about how, after giving birth to Carmen she had a normal postpartum body with some extra weight and the big tummy we ALL have post-birth. She had the big tummy for weeks after giving birth (which is normal). And then in every other “pregnancy” she has a flat stomach immediately after “giving birth”? Skinny as a rail right away, wearing skintight pleather leggings and sitting on a hardwood floor? Tummy-less stick-thin Hilary in a WHITE BIKINI, SWIMMING in a swimming pool only a week after “giving birth” to Romeo?!? Come the fuck on. That is 100% impossible for a postpartum woman. It’s all such bullshit.

  2. Thank you Kpiece. No, I didn't do any other "pregnancies" but I'll see if I can find photos for the others. Should be an interesting comparison.

  3. Thanks so much Ready Bat. Was worried you'd have to skip September when she announced her social media "break". But thankfully every time they get out it pulls them back in. Brilliant as always. Can't wait for October's!

  4. Who’s the guy in the mirror filming them? Is he random too?🙄

  5. Yoel Najer, the guy in the hallway mirror selfie last night. She's known him since yoga days, before she met Alec. There is no way he doesn't know all about the grift. He was her personal assistant after she married Alec. Might still be.

  6. She doesn’t know what the squiggly red lines under her words mean.

  7. She has her iphone and laptop set to Spanish language (we saw that when she shared her laptop screen last year). So I'm guessing it doesn't do English auto-correct and gives her captions the ESL flair she's looking for.

  8. Haven't we compared her nose to Michael Jackson's recently? Interesting choice of music.

  9. If it’s a penthouse I’m thinking they have a private hallway and elevator

  10. They don’t have a penthouse. So they subject their neighbors to this disgusting and disruptive display every day, all while blocking the elevator.

  11. 2 owners - 12A and 12B. 12B was recently purchased by an emtpy nester couple in their 50s: a high profile lawyer and psychologist. Two services that the Baldwins desperately need.

  12. Incredible tea if true. So when she returned from her Spanish vacation with a new accent she claimed her birth certificate name was Hilaria? Which means at some point it had been legally changed to Hillary and then legally changed again ~2010 to Hilaria.

  13. The surrogate pregnancy room in the Hamptons master bedroom. This is their view when lying in bed. To the right would be the fireplace that she's usually in front of in these vids. It looks bleak and lacking any decor. Could have always been that way. Or could be preparation for their fire sale.

  14. There’s a video with H & A on red carpet blabbering about how he calls her “shrinky dink” because “it, yes IT” “goes back so fast.” Hope this is the beginning of people seeing through this insanity.

  15. Can you imagine paying for a nose job (likely multiple nose jobs) and ending up with that?! Also, her fashion sense is so, so bad.

  16. Two times in a row buyers remorse. Mary and Ill jr are big duds… waste of money.

  17. Oh wow it does look like a butt pad 😂 I never saw it before.

  18. In these side by side comparisons she actually looks thinner in the before. Look at her thighs. Much thicker post-surrogate. Photoshop fail.

  19. It's rilly easy to bounce back when you weren't pregnant in the first place. Do you expect a medal, Hillary? Have mine 🖕

  20. It’s been such a strange month!!!! You have the best synopses though and I can’t wait!

  21. When she used to post her post-partum lingerie selfies she claimed she was just trying to "normalize a real body and promote healthy self esteem." LMAO this bitch.

  22. That girly giggle-talk. So unlikable. She can try to plastic surgery her way out of her gene pool but she’ll never escape Dr Hayward.

  23. JFC this idiot looks like i did after shooting heroin and struggling to stay awake. (Been clean for years now.) She looks seriously inebriated. Isn’t there anyone who can intervene and have this drug-addled mess maybe NOT hold a newborn baby??😳 Hello, Alec??? Then again, i think Alec is completely checked out and has pretty much nothing to do with baby ILLARY. I get the vibe he was against even having this baby, and is probably off in his separate apartment all like “Whatever….She’s on her own. I have other shit to worry about.”…as he watches Clark Family Band videos, sobbing, drinking booze, and longing for years past.

  24. I wonder if, kinda like with the El Gordo interview, this lady was subconsciously suspicious about Hilary's weird fluctuating accent or limited vocabulary (that is, if she did the interview in Spanish)? El Gordo was definitely side-eyeing Hillz and seemed to struggle to understand what she was saying (in English!) Like when she said 'tush ya toes.'

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