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  1. This happens all the time in England with soccer players and I really hope people don’t catch on here.

  2. I remember when this happened to Puig in LA. He was a lot less beloved there though.

  3. I really wish people would quit thinking "American wagyu" isn't just "wagyu". It's literally just breeding.

  4. It’s pretty highly regulated here too. My dad raises a wagyu equivalent (Akuashi) in Texas and the distributor he sells them to sends out cowboys to tag and DNA test every new crop of calves.

  5. I Houston, we had a guy who reported on the restaurants with bad health inspections. His catch phrase was “Slime in the ice machine”.

  6. Man his voice takes me back to my childhood in the 90s.

  7. I make a version with venison and call it hunter’s pie.

  8. I woke up in the middle of the night last night with the idea to make this and thought what should it be called? I also settled on this name, glad it’s already a thing.

  9. Why does the one space themed team get Jar Jar…lame.

  10. Well, real life spies tend to meet in ordinary places like Cafeterias, malls, or those food parks.

  11. The SPECTRE apartment would certainly be out of range for most civil servants based on location alone but considering his family background he could likely afford it.

  12. Just an anecdote about microdosing for sports. I had a girl on my coed softball team that couldn’t hit for shit because she had anxiety and just got all up in her own head. She tried microdosing before a game and she was ripping liners and finished the season strong.

  13. Not exactly sports but my buddy and I decided to play Halo online while tripping one time (can’t remember if it was 3 or 4, it was years ago) and we both just decimated.

  14. As a lefty, I fucking hate these things. Especially when chef is like, “What’s taking so long?”

  15. Oh THAT’S why these never seem to work for me. God I feel like such an idiot right now.

  16. Val Barber on Magnolia and Whitsett is great, Brad always takes great care of me there.

  17. damn the non-trea turner defense has been lit tonight

  18. This is how I eat at home when I get a takeout salad. Easy to mix everything together and the big bowl is light enough that I can pick it up with one hand while I shovel the ranch drenched romaine into my mouth.

  19. The “champagne” carpet looks so cheap. Does not do these women justice.

  20. There were a few on that list that I had to just chug but man I had some great memories completing it with a couple of my friends.

  21. That honey is probably solidified sitting on the bottom of that bucket lol

  22. Yep gotta make honey syrup first (basically simple syrup but honey+water instead of sugar+water). Used to make this all the time when I was addicted to Navy Grogs.

  23. Was about to say, a dollar into Heineken is at least a few cents into the Russian economy. The only ones who drink Heineken anymore are the ignorant and the POS.

  24. Skiing or snowboarding is pretty much a requirement for me while dating and looking for a partner, and if she skis then I always make the “every snowboarder needs a skier to pull us through the flats!” joke. Works like a charm 👌🏻

  25. This is the best part about going out with my wife. No unstrapping on cat trails when I get cut off or come across three skiers meandering side by side.

  26. Carolina style bbq sauce is mustard based, absolutely nothing better to glaze a smoked whole chicken with in my opinion.

  27. If you're paying $80 a month to watch the Astros, why aren't you using MLB TV which is much cheaper?

  28. MLB TV blacks out local markets, so unless you’re using a VPN you won’t be able to watch the Astros in Houston or the surrounding areas.

  29. On what basis is that assumed? I haven't seen a single trailer for this, if I wasn't a dedicated horror fan I probably wouldn't even know it existed. Viral WOM is free, just because people have heard of something doesn't automatically mean they spent 10x+ the budget to advertise for it.

  30. Paranormal Activity had a “viral” word of mouth marketing strategy that cost $10m. I work in movie marketing, I know how quickly money gets spent.

  31. I know so many loved paranormal activity and it’s obvious rare that a movie costing practically nothing hits 100 million domestic but the film felt like something college students make with their low budgets, it didn’t feel special the way Blair witch project did with being original..

  32. Tbh I never saw it, not a huge horror fan. But they really utilized the test screening footage in their TV spots in a way that so many people have tried to replicate but have failed. Whoever ran that campaign was a genius.

  33. how hot he looked 😭 but sure, Gothic too, he looks like a vampire who's social battery is about to run out

  34. Wrong, she voted for Rick Caruso, who ran as a democrat. Guess what, so did I, and I’m as liberal as they come. I also voted straight democrat in the last 6 elections.

  35. Oh only conservative are allowed to worry about crime, addiction, and homelessness? Gee sorry I forgot that the liberal handbook says we’re supposed to have a laissez faire attitude about all societal issues. I’ll make sure to keep in line next time.

  36. What’s the line like? Figure this storm might keep some people away.

  37. No it definitely would not be better as coop or mmo.

  38. Thank Christ it’s not an MMO. Was just thinking yesterday how immersion breaking it would be to see a bunch of randomly dressed witches and wizards zipping around on their brooms by a quest marker. Fuck that.

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