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  1. Gig workers are explicitly an end-run around existing labour laws, for the financial benefit of the companies using them. This also applies to AirBnB and the like.

  2. This is true and was easy to forsee for Uber and Lyft. Especially when it was touted as a full time job.

  3. Are the Taliban hell bent on running their country into the ground? Or will they use this as an opportunity to whine about how weak their economy is and find six ways to Sunday to blame America for it.

  4. I'll disagree: pretty people tend to get treated better. If they do it right: less stress, less manual labor, and better outlook on life.

  5. It's probably instinctual. While there are dozens of good reasons as to why we shouldn't automatically assume an attractive person is a good person or more talented, it's also not an idea without any merit.

  6. Pretty people also get more opportunities and get a lot more mentoring.

  7. There is some differences between making sheet metal and getting fucked in the mouth no?

  8. Yes, one generally pays a lot more and you get to choose your clients. Pulling down $300K-$500K for doing what one would do for free can be a good gig.

  9. The point is cities have to start from zero at some point: begin with a fresh start.

  10. Yeah, that all makes sense; development is a risky business for sure... I don't see how this is relevant though... you're talking about buildings, when what we were originally discussing was cities.

  11. I'm pretty sure "social programs" are supposed to prevent things like this and, therefore, police are no longer required.

  12. Here is the issue, it may very based on location but, around here traffic accidents are one of major causes of serious injury and death. It also cost people a lot of money - not just those involved but also tax payers and insurance rates.

  13. All correct: sure. But nothing lasts without public support.

  14. I don’t know where you live, but insurance claims do follow around drivers. As do most tickets for moving violations, that will raise insurance rates. You can and do lose your license for no insurance and can have your unregistered vehicle towed. It varies but I personally have every unregistered and uninsured vehicle towed. It’s impounded until they get it registered and they can’t register until it’s insured.

  15. Not sure if its been posted here yet, but I came across a vintage tape made by deputies from the Los Angeles County Sheriffs dept. in 1987 that was made in response to an embarrassing mix up involving LAPD officers and deputies in an unmarked car. This video is absolute comedic gold for its time and apparently this tape was duplicated and passed around by law enforcement officers back in the day. What are your thoughts on it?

  16. FYI, there was an individual impersonating LASD in the area and had committed several robberies.

  17. This was before the internets tubes, when it was a truck thingie. And this story didn't hit the LAT, Daily News, and/or Herald Examener.

  18. Those risks are why they are directly reaping higher rewards. They would still benefit immensely from product creation and other investment avenues. That is the payoff for the risk.

  19. See here is the thing: Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Tesla...etc...literally create wealth out of thin's not like they took money from anybody (unlike Goldman Sachs, AIG, or Chase).

  20. You can look at the rate too. Contrary to most people's beliefs Musk, Bezos, Buffett pay 20-30% income tax rates most years(at least according to the IRS documents leaking their tax payment for the past 5-10years). Ignorance exists that people don't understand that you're not taxed on your wealth, but only on your income. Most of these people's wealth is tied up in the stock they own in their companies. The average persons wealth is tied up in the house, pension, 401k. Taxing wealth would mean that people would be taxed for the paper increase value of an asset (like their house) even though they don't realize a cash gain.

  21. Can we give them back their nuclear weapons...that will stop the invasion.

  22. The appropriate self defense when someone is pointing a gun at you is to calmly comply and make a police and insurance report after.

  23. The EXCEPTION to this is when they are trying to move you against your will.

  24. So that includes if they’re attempting to restrain you? ie tie you up

  25. Little do you know. First time I got back problems I was in my 20s and weight 115 lbs. And arthritis can happen to anybody. Karma back at you!

  26. Like a comedian's not that all Americans are fat, its just the way you are fat is impressive.

  27. American's don't do things with more finesse or elegance...they just do everything BIGGER.

  28. Same concept with gun control. Other violent crime skyrockets because murders turn to fights and assaults / domestic abuse.

  29. Or the presence of a gun makes most everyone a lot more polite and/or willing to walk away.

  30. "Nonprofit" doesn't mean that some of the people involved get rich because of it.

  31. Unlikely, but what type of software? What problem do you see that needs to be solved that you can help out with?

  32. Yeah, it's a scam...but have fun and have the person overnight their paperwork to a safe address. It is a good souvenir to have....

  33. Depends. You can sometimes get a title for a vehicle abandoned on your property. Otherwise you have to call the cops and involve them. Tow companies are picky about what they grab if they can't make money on it.

  34. I have been saying this for years (15+). Why do we have to pay for food without dye’s, additive for preservation and added sugars. It seems food producers have things backwards, the more natural things are, the more expensive foods appear to be.

  35. Because there are ~8,000,000,000 people on the planet. You want food that can sustain a lot less...the trade off is mechanization and industrial food production.

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