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  1. FL adopted new building codes in 2002, modeled after the building codes Miami-Dade county passed in ‘94 as a result of hurricane Andrew. Many of the houses hit by hurricane Ian, were likely built before the 2002 adoption of the building code and therefore more likely to get destroyed by the winds. Others were new and some were rebuilds after hurricane charlie in 2004, which usually survived the winds.

  2. Increase taxes on income over $400,000/year. Problem solved.

  3. Matt Gaetz is a little piss baby.

  4. Just wait until next year's checkup. When we find out what all that ionizing radiation did to his intestines.

  5. Or they both went "wait... Fuck, she was into me too!?"

  6. How's the whiskey bar? I'd say that place connected to the patio took it up a notch. But only one notch.

  7. Without knowing what they're removing, it's hard to develop an informed opinion. If people want to cover that space in artwork, I'd rather it be left in place. White Nationalist iconography, hate speech, and gang symbols have to go.

  8. Big box home improvement stores will have an inventory and if things are not "right " they review video and then make accusations as to who may have have stolen items. They can get the cops to your door and it's up to you to prove you didn't steal. A lawyer friend of mine recommended I never use self checkout

  9. A lawyer friend of yours would have known it takes more than dubious video footage to build a shoplifting case.

  10. Ok sure a case. It doesn't stop the store harassing you via the police and may cause you to hire a lawyer right. Sure you're not convicted but you will have to spend money and time. But ok you win

  11. I only won if you admit you lied. You don't have a lawyer friend who told you to never use self checkout.

  12. Do you think people typically use cars to get to the bus station? If they could get a ride to the bus station, why wouldn't they be able to get a ride to where they're going?

  13. It depends. A good, reliable transit network will get people to stop driving. In my last city my car broke down, and I couldn't fix it for a week. Our transit system was so convenient that I kept using it for everything I could after I fixed my car. I'd only drive if I was going somewhere the system couldn't reach, or I needed to move something I couldn't take on the bus. I saved a ton of money, didn't have to concern myself with downtown parking, and as long as I went home before 23:00 could get as drunk as I wanted after work. It was great!

  14. No different than me claiming I'm the Supreme Leader of Planet Earth

  15. You can't be Supreme Leader. I'm Supreme Leader. Burrito Supreme Leader!

  16. I feel like six degrees is way more than necessary.

  17. In many cases it's just one degree. Like if you're black.

  18. Bruh... the only folks in hitler get up and black face are lefty bigwigs like Trudeau and Kimmel. Keep tolerating

  19. It takes real commitment to the part to be this obtuse, and so expertly miss the point. Way to go.

  20. The line between not impeaching a Supreme Court Justice for not understanding the bill of rights even though it's his job, and impeaching a Supreme Court Justice for not understanding the bill of rights even though it's his job. Right? If this guy doesn't understand the first amendment, what the fucks he doing ruling things like the constitutionality of redistricting?

  21. The only thing stupider than Majorie Taylor Greene is whichever mod programmed auto moderator this week.

  22. So why are we descending to their level of stupidity?

  23. Florida is America's disease riddled penis. Shapiro's super powers only work on vaginas.

  24. As an Argentinian that's a new way of imperialism: These people come to "protect" us and speak for ourselves when we NEVER ASKED FOR THAT!

  25. This Greg Abbott is a little piss baby is so fuck stupid. When can we finally be dun with it?

  26. Judge Alito should probably be impeached for incompetence. If he doesn't understand the first amendment, he shouldn't be a justice on the supreme court.

  27. You joke, but I'd hit it. Nobody has ever said anything stupid with a dick in their mouth.

  28. I used to date a girl who loved to masturbate while driving. Hot, but god damn if it wasn't also terrifying.

  29. And how are you gonna do that? Vision zero slogan working out great. I never see anyone going more than 20 mph in my neighborhood 🙄

  30. Most of the places I see them I wouldn't drive over ~20 anyway. Kids are unpredictable.

  31. Yes, standard restrictions during a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic = near total loss of personal freedom. I have a good feeling I know who this American moron voted for

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