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  1. yes. he came back after 3 months. apologizing and brought a list of the things he thought we could work on to mend the relationship. it was a total shock because he blocked me on everything when he ended it

  2. Mine reached out and asked to fix things after 3 months

  3. I love my family but I’m not doing it myself anymore

  4. Oh my god I’m going through this right now!! Going for a walk has been helping me so far

  5. I’m pretty sure Alexis has scoliosis in real life and that causes it

  6. When I was more anxious than happy around him. I found myself constantly disappointed with how he reacted to things and how he treated me. Unfortunately I stayed too long.

  7. Yes. He has a bruised ego. He thought he could have his cake and eat it too so he got the final word in. Don’t pay attention to it. He is clearly an immature individual who does not have the capacity to have grace and empathy. You are better off without this user. Stay NC. Block him. Delete the pics. Learn the lesson. Move on. Live an amazing life. He will regret it.

  8. I do that too, literally set timers to cry and feel the pain. I’m so scared of losing myself to it completely

  9. I know its so sad she didn't get to go! I think the issue is that since she didn't go to stars hollow high she could only go as someone's date, and then she didn't want to go to her Chilton prom.

  10. Wow that went right over my head haha okay yeah that makes sense. Even still the chilton prom would’ve probably been fun!!

  11. NO! The shiny rate has been very low. False advertising on Niantic’s part. Been playing for 5 hours and only caught 5 shiny

  12. damn I never wanted to be that cynical person on Reddit that complains about not having love, but fuck it. I just got dumped. So BYE

  13. Broke up with fp this weekend. And it was right move. But trying so hard to not start drinking again omg you don't have any idea

  14. same thing happened to me. we will get through this. sending love

  15. Tennessee Whiskey by Chris Stapleton. I can’t even think about that song without dying inside

  16. It’s like I wrote this out myself. I have never related to something so much. We will get through this.

  17. That’s the thing, I want him to be what I need. If he came back and was what I needed, I think I’d be okay. But I know him. He can’t be what I need so if he came back with no change I would have to turn him away despite loving the absolute fucking shit out of him.

  18. Dont know what else to say other than Im currently in your shoes. Sending love

  19. Thank you. If you ever need to vent feel free to dm me <3

  20. I’m currently in the middle of an episode that started yesterday and I’m desperately scrolling through this sub looking for tips to help me get my feet back on the ground. So first, I just wanna let you know you are not alone and we are going through the same thing together right now. Currently I’m sitting up in my bed with the blinds and blackout curtains closed and the TV off trying to white knuckle these emotions. You’ve heard about “taking it a day at a time” but I’m taking it one SECOND at a time, saying to myself, “that’s one more second you resisted the urge to end it all,” over and over and over again knowing eventually the seconds will turn into minutes, hours, days etc. just like they do every time I find myself here and I’ll be free of these feelings soon if only momentarily.

  21. You have no idea the relief that this brought me. Thank you. I am taking it one second at a time too and didn’t even think about how that is still progress.

  22. What helped me the most when I was going through something similar was talking to a friend. About anything, sometimes about my feelings of it all and sometimes just about random things. Just the feeling of someone supporting me and being there for me helped the most. I still suffered so much, cried, self harmed, panicked, wanted to die, all of those things. But having a friend helped. Do you have a friend you can lean on?

  23. Luckily I do have a great support system, unfortunately they are all a thousand miles way. I moved to my state for a job and left my family and friends behind. I’ve reached out to most of my people and have gotten a lot of support back. But I still just feel so alone. I have made a new friend here but I’m so worried about coming on too strong with this disorder. Maybe I will just ask her to get lunch or something and try to distract myself

  24. You aren’t alone. Holy shit. I’m the same way. The only advice I can give besides therapy is that when you start to feel those feelings of hate and anger towards him, step away. Do you have a coping mechanism? Personally I get in my car and start driving. Get some food and sit in my car for hours. It helps take me out of the headspace. I suggest finding something like that for yourself and try to step out. This disorder makes everything feel fake so you can’t trust your feelings. It’s awful. I’m so sorry you’re going through this.

  25. you know I thought that not liking someone’s art or tattoos didn’t matter much, but I’m starting to think it might be more of a sign of incompatibility than people realize

  26. I think it is too. I thought it was a good thing to not have everything in common. Like ok we have different tastes in music and movies and art etc but that’s the challenge right. I’m not sure I think that anymore

  27. I can add you into our support group chat. We have a lot of healing hearts ❤️‍🩹

  28. I am absolutely interested thank you so much. Dm me any time

  29. Yep I haven’t rewatched it at all because of it

  30. If you have a blocked nose you basically bust a lung trying to suck dick lmao. Also lips going numb afterwards, dunno if its and allergy or whatever but like why?

  31. Omg the numb lips I thought something was wrong with me lol

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