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  1. Is this another of those Five Year Projects ?

  2. Obi2 says:

    Very interesting these nations coming out and staying this right before the offensive

  3. It may be another way of shaping the battlefield.

  4. Honestly it's a good move. As long as Ukraine don't outright take a city in mainland Russia and raise a Ukranian flag, "Russian rebels" taking over small towns is still a Russian internal affairs problem. Any military targets inside Russia are still valid targets under international eyes.

  5. It set off all the alarm bells when I glanced at it. It’s like so many phishing DMs I’ve received that start off with Hello. At the least they could have said Hello World … come on now, I learned that the first week of writing C code.

  6. Keep in mind that some of this is to deflect attention away from China’s domestic problems. Reports are that unemployment among the younger age group is 20%. A colloquialism that is being used in China is learn to eat bitterness (h/t to the NYT for reporting on that one).

  7. For F16s it's very important because F16s have very high requirements with airstrip quality. It would be meaningles for Ukraine to prepare an airfield for F16 and then have Russia fuck it up by just lobing a missle. But it appears that's not a threat anymore...

  8. First the UK minister said this, and now an official German state source is saying the same thing. I’m sitting here wondering what caused their sudden willingness to be frank about this subject.

  9. The unspoken nuance in that, is how far beyond the common border ?

  10. From what I've heard statements like these are supposedly treated as comedy in Russia. I honestly don't know if that's better or worse.

  11. It is comedy, unless the paradigm of the war changes dramatically. Then it might become less humorous.

  12. Let it bloom, the bees will find it and pollinate it. When the tops turn into small black bits, put a paper towel under it and shake the head. The black bits are seeds for next years crop.

  13. Maybe Zelenskyy gave him false info to throw him off haha

  14. Not so much false information, but (guessing here) they may have shown him 10 different scenarios, without telling him which one is the one, because that would depend on Russian troop dispositions at the last moment.

  15. It would be funny if the debt deal didn't pass congress. What are the chances?

  16. Funny, no. Par for the course, more likely.

  17. But if you were to ask them they would claim they were the last principled Representatives. The truth, as in all politics, lies somewhere in between.

  18. During the confirmation votes, that was party business. McCarthy had no expectation that the Hakeem would ride to his rescue, and that is exactly what happened. This time it is the peoples business. The leaders of the two parties have struck a deal. Any expectation that they (the five far-right GOP) have the clout/votes to scuttle that deal is hopium. But they may try, and end up wearing egg. Remember, McCarthy has an axe to grind with them, even if he doesn’t talk about it. He is not going to urinate on them, but should they need his support, it may be a cold day in August before that happens.

  19. I think we still have 36 hours to go, until the season is officially open.

  20. Shogiu just say another Patriot batteries destroyed making it a total of 10 of the 2 Ukraine received.

  21. Possibly they are destroying the inflatable Patriot batteries, not to be confused with the inflatable bouncy castles.

  22. Define affordable, and what amenities you’re looking for.

  23. In Florida, you should calculate your car expense at somewhere between $1 and $2 for every mile driven. In counties with high claim rates, or for a car with higher incidence of theft, you may want to go even higher than that. If possible, ditch the car and use public transportation (where available), Uber, or Lyft.

  24. On the major state/federal highways, there are cameras in certain key locations (mostly to monitor traffic flows).

  25. On a ring of twelve keys, can you pick out the car key ?

  26. Your credit cards … are they issued by USA banks ?

  27. One of the first things I would do, is to call one of those banks. Ask them if the bank is seeing a change attempt or not. Typically merchants will attempt a $0 authorize to test if the information provided is legitimate. If the bank is not seeing an activity originating from Starlink, then it may be some kind of glitch involving Starlink.

  28. As with most things, begin by checking monoprice. If they do not have it, check Amazon.

  29. lego didn't announce that they fixed it until 2018, so even sets after that press release would still have brittle brown

  30. So,as I understand the story … The parts which ended up being brittle were not brittle when they came off the production line. IOW, they aged into being brittle. This means (facepalm rising) that some BL sellers may have parted out sets back during that period (or even afterwards) and have parts sitting in their inventory that were OK at manufacture, but are less OK now. Short of flexing every possible part, there is no way to tell. My guess is we will here occasional reports of this for quite a while going forward.

  31. No, any sets would cover too much ground. The only brittle I’ve seen (dark red and maybe one nougat torso) were from the 2010-2014 time period.

  32. I’ve seen thread spin. Some beading threads (which have a spiral flow) are very annoying for spinning. Could your bumps be kinks ?

  33. Just read this chapter the other day and didn’t bat an eye since I’d heard of it before…well, I didn’t bat an eye until Horace showed up, that is.

  34. To add to the oddness, Horace is a plot character (albeit minor) in Wintersmith.

  35. Maybe it would be simpler if Russia say, made a law called something like The Hague invasion act that threatened to militarily invade The Hague and retrieve any of it’s citizens imprisoned there. It might work, I don’t know if any other countries have a similar law already in place.

  36. No no no, it will be called the Special Diplomatic Operation

  37. What kind of connectors are on the ends ? The original Macintosh used, IIRC, an RJ-11 connector.

  38. Muscovy can't buy components directly from west but they can still get them trough proxies. I hope that work is being done to suppress proxy countries not to sell components to muscovy

  39. Some of that is going to be impossible to suppress. If Russia can identify what business/consumer products had the CPU they need, they can turn to the firms that break down dead PCBs (usually for metals recovery) and offer a premium for those parts (thru a middle man of course). The parts may not come with the guarantee they could get thru normal channels, but they can do their own pass/fail testing.

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