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European who is visiting LA and USA for the first time... I'm shocked and I really need to vent.

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  1. r the social scenes very different at the 2 schools, heard people say Mira Costa is super

  2. Manhattan beach is very wealthy and house prices in Hermosa are very high too so I could see a lot of truth behind the “entitled” label for Mira costa. But it’s so big that everyone can find their group I think.

  3. She’s too lazy selfish and entitled. That would actually be work and caring about someone else’s desires.

  4. Husband and I are both Gemini suns. We have been together 22 years. No fighting at all for 17 or 18 years. Kinda crazy. Life got hairy maybe 5 years ago and we fight some now but we both know we are sticking it out

  5. Apparently my subconscious really likes the idea of Aries and Geminis cause I fucking swear, EVERY SINGLE TIME I fall for a fucking Gemini

  6. Maybe so, but he certainly isn't that way when it comes to women he hooks up with. His newest gf is genuinely kind seeming and I'm just going to put this out there, he lacks class along with his cousin. There is a saying down south I've heard many times and over, "You can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear" . I honestly don't know of many on the show with true manners and good etiquette besides Patricia.

  7. Thomas while basically satan is a gracious host, guest, customer.

  8. Not sure about this. He stripped down to a Speedo at an elegant party at that old woman’s house (Whitney mom) and jumped in the pool. How is that manners and etiquette? He also violates personal boundaries, freely touching women who don’t even know him. Again, opposite of chivalry. He has subtle ways in Charleston of letting people know I’m rich and connected and I think you’re confusing that with manners. Outside of the south these messages don’t translate and his wealth is probably a joke compared to NY/LA so everyone sees him for the revolting dumpster fire he is. Can you give examples of his comportment? He doesn’t even shower, shave, keep his hair tidy, his clothes always look like he bought them in 1985 and then slept in them for two days before showing up in them. This whole post might be true for Thomas ravenel, a gracious host and guest while being morally trash.

  9. It’s soooooo much better than most places in the US. NY, DC might be the only places I’ve been where you consistently see black and white people going to the same areas, restaurants, parks, public events, etc. In terms of where people live and go to school, yes, it can be quite segregated like everywhere else. But I’ve been to many cities where if a black persona walks into the restaurant (or me, a person of color) it’s like mass confusion. New York is NOT LIKE THAT AT ALL

  10. I’m a Gemini and so is my husband. I often feel like whatever I say he will just immediately say the opposite. It drives me crazy and we fight about it a lot. I’m very loyal, maybe because of my other placements. If someone is hurt or angry I will listen and validate and let them know without any doubt I have their back. If I try to give perspective it’s only to make it hurt less - I’ll wait til they get it all out and validate them but I might show them “you said everyone left without saying goodbye; who was that?” - and then we see that it was only 3 people out of 15 and hopefully they can see the situation a bit differently now.

  11. I would’ve been impressed if they had coordinating giant flower bows on their heads. Maybe that’s why I’m so shocked? The bridesmaids looked relatively normal!

  12. Rly? Take a second look. They’re in pink polyester robes with maribou trimmed sleeves and 1,000 carats of rhinestones on their heads.

  13. Gosh liberals have the dumbest answers for anything what the fuck is the imperialist Warren and sanders gonna do, communisms the only way bro revolution read some Marx, engles; Lenin and Stalin

  14. Everyone boykotting some different random company does nothing.

  15. That’s why I said we should pick one. Also please brush up on your history. Boycotts and disinvestment from South Africa helped end apartheid. Boycotts of North Carolina helped change the transgender bathroom laws. Boycott of city buses in Montgomery Alabama led to the end of segregation on public transport in the whole US. In fact here read this

  16. I think she is too. Nothing interesting about her except having a baby daddy who was in the nba, and he’s boring too

  17. Ha! This may be the first time we agree on something. For me it’s the waiting around for a guy who humiliates her over and over. Get some self respect and move on, lady.

  18. I’m gonna make a new profile and come back just so I can upvote this again. I’m sorry but Robyn is SUCH A LOSER

  19. At the same time, we don’t have football hooliganism or quite as much anti-immigrant violence in the cities or the disgusting housing projects on the outskirts of all the European cities so there’s that!

  20. yeah i mean if you live in europe you're automatically in a much safer place compared to the US.

  21. Ever been in Leicester square when the pubs close and the drink yobs flood the streets??

  22. Gum tree in Hermosa, Java man in Hermosa, lucky 7 in Hermosa.

  23. Noise ordinances. Stop with the loud engine cars and motorcycles. Limits on helicopters and private planes. More peace for all.

  24. Bury the electrical wires, they are so unsightly. More plants and trees everywhere. Find a patch of dirt, put something green in it.

  25. Sub the word parks/libraries/rec centers for pools, same story. It’s every man for himself out here.

  26. THIS IS SO DUMB. they take zero precautions and then they act all bummed out that it was a terrible year with horrendous teacher absenteeism and an appalling decline in test scores, student attendance and achievement. And everyone is like oh ya COVID’s not a big deal any more. We are gonna have huge assemblies again. It’s gonna be so fun. No babe it’s not.

  27. What’s going on during construction? How much of the museum is open right now?


  29. Times Square will probably be packed with tourist families and there are always plenty of police and it’s always brightly lit so probably fine.

  30. You’ll be fine. The restaurant will give you 15 min grace period. Call and tell them if you’re going to be a bit late. Don’t leave during the bows; not only would that be RUDE to both the performers and the other people in your row, you’d also be robbing yourself of the joy of it.

  31. It depends - if you’re going to stop and read every label and contemplate every piece then pack a month’s worth of clothing and a sleeping bag. If you’re just sort of walking through the galleries you could see the whole museum in 5 hours …

  32. Confederacy of Dunces is funny to me. Books that romanticize the city maybe? Sweetbitter by Stephanie Danler - sort of reminds you of what it feels like to be young

  33. I don’t remember this but it sounds a lot like Ramona.

  34. yes literally....?? def think it was RHONY and it was someones fashion/charity/ fundraiser event and people were dressed up like they were going to tea or some shit and there were a lot of famous people there??!

  35. Was it maybe a what’s her name bensimon season …? Kelly

  36. Maybe the music man? Sutton foster is known for tapping

  37. meh. Hard disagree. The vibe there is 9 year old girls having "fancy" tea. Its anything but fancy. its mediocre tea, and stale baked goods, that 9 year olds think is fancy.

  38. With decorations about the level of a 9-year-old’s bedroom

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