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  1. You cannot dissolve stones unless it’s uric acid. Even then, it’s not 100%

  2. Wouldn’t it be awesome if it was 30% resveratrol? People would be wine drunk all the time yelling “Viva Longevity “

  3. That’s what I’m hoping. That should be an easy kill. But it looks different from the crabgrass I get here in GA

  4. One that belongs in the wild and not some house that petroleum built…. Get a camel

  5. 1.5 gs lol I've eaten 8ths and didn't come close to this trip

  6. Dang. I’ve always wondered what the difference was. I heard they’re harder to grow?

  7. The thought process of a cat trying to jump on a self that is clearly filled with stuff and doesn't have space for it to land safely

  8. I got long covid after doing a little bit of shrooms and molly. I experienced brain fog for the first time after taking the shrooms and developed MCAS-type long covid after

  9. Are you thinking that shrooms contributed to some of your long Covid??

  10. Hey, what kind of wine fridge did you use? I've been wondering this for a while. Ambient humidity stays around 55-60% due to the evaporative cooler in the house. But temps are hard to keep down. I live in the southwest and have been thinking that a wine fridge would do the job better than more energy efficiently than using a mini ac setup in a tent

  11. I just purchased an old wine fridge (2000). It worked well but the humidity and temp fluctuated greatly within a 30m time frame. I guess it all worked out in the end. The buds came out good. My other plant I dried in the tent with an AC unit. More stable environment but no difference in taste from either plant. So, I think the wine fridge is a decent bet for drying. I’ll use it again, for sure

  12. IMO, 6.6mm is big. you might ask for meds (flowmax,pain meds)

  13. I do have meds but what I want to know is how long should I wait for it to pass before considering surgery?

  14. We can’t tell you that answer. It depends on several factors. One being, unable to pee. If you’re still peeing than I’d keep going but everyone is different. 6.6mm is not small. Some people can pass them while others need surgery

  15. Do we think his lawyers did this maliciously? Like someone had a moment of clarity and realized how big of a scumbag this guy is and was like, “oops, I just sent all his messages to the prosecution. Tee hee.”

  16. Believe it or not, lawyers have hearts too and you’d have to be a stone cold MF to not care about kids in this moment. Bravo Lawyers!

  17. McDonald’s been making hamburgers with sawdust for years already.

  18. Oh fwk. I mentioned this in a carnivore diet thread last year and you would have thought that I had executed Jesus himself.

  19. Density is all about bag appeal and commercial growers wanting to maximize profits. A lot of true sativa are foxtail, airy buds because they evolved in warm moist climates and it keeps mold & mildew from colonizing as easily. Not saying density is bad, but you don’t get stoned from the density. There are plenty of mind-blowing strains in the world that don’t look great.

  20. You’re correct. Haze strain does this. I had no idea till I saw it. I was like “oh fuuuuck, now what!!” Did some reading and kind out it’s natural behavior for that strain. “Whew, Crisis averted”.

  21. I’m convinced this is why Instagram is just cloning tiktok at the expense of their own users, instead of differentiating. They’re counting on tiktok being banned and soaking up all the creators.

  22. OP's comment describes their definition of processed foods. Something being high in sugar/fat/salt without the appropriate protein and fiber to balance it out. Easy example, apples have sugar but they have lots of fiber so it's not processed. Apple juice removes all the fiber which makes it processed

  23. My question would be, on average, how many of those 70,000 people (aged 55 or older) were likely to develop dementia anyways?

  24. Yup, FoxTail Ferns. I have one outside and I'm looking at it. :)

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