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  1. Insane to me that people dislike Rossmo. Guy’s one of the only people who consistently gets work from the Big 2 who does something interesting with his art rather than doing Jim Lee-lite or some kind of garbage boring house style. Rossmo’s panel work and storytelling is so inventive. He makes comics! Too many other artists just arrange action figures in static landscapes

  2. The art does not fit a Tim Drake book at all.

  3. Maybe wait to read the book and find out?

  4. Ehh hateful small men but it comes across as very try hard. Gonna be salty if Laura was pulled from X-men for this

  5. Leah William said on the Battle of the Atom podcast that she was able to use Laura because she wasn’t being used in X-Men.

  6. This has to be a bot, right?

  7. Yep, all they post is What do you think of [insert Movie/Video Game] type stuff

  8. Just trying to get karma with these low effort posts?

  9. It was melted by Brimstone in the Curse of Brimstone series from a few years ago.

  10. I am curious to see how the hell they explain that, or if they're going to make it a one time deal that changes things fundamentally to do. Hope that makes sense, trying to talk about this stuff without spoiling it can be hard sometimes.

  11. It probably is just a one time deal. I doubt it’s going to open the door for characters like Uncle Ben or Mar-Vell to be resurrected.

  12. I love this development and hope it actually plays out beyond this event.

  13. It definitely gives Marvel a mechanism to talk about and comment on death in their comics.

  14. And could lead to a big event involving Death or lords of Hell or something.

  15. I love this development and hope it actually plays out beyond this event.

  16. Same here! Dark Knights of Steel looked interesting too so bagged that as well. Can’t wait to get ‘em

  17. Just a heads up, the Dark Knights of Steel story isn’t finished yet. That only collects the first half.

  18. At this point you’re just spamming this sub

  19. And even the event that seemed like it was going to reboot the universe (Secret Wars) just expanded it by bringing characters from other universes into it.

  20. Can we bring Robert Venditti back to write some ongoings...please?

  21. Right? If Johns hadn’t come back for JSA, he would’ve been my pick for that book.

  22. The old Agatha Harkness has been seen as recently as the latest arc of Captain Marvel which just wrapped up yesterday.

  23. Old Agatha also appears in Midnight Suns #1, which came out this week. This is presumably why she

  24. Nah, it’s just a design for some flashbacks.

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