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  1. I get what you are saying boss, but for the "sparseness" I'm trying to leave room for vocals. This is not a standalone. Just trying to capture an emotion. Not redefine hiphop...this time. πŸ˜‰

  2. Literally add sub bass with a tasty chord progression or the beat doesn’t really work

  3. Ya'll too much on the next cat's sound to ever make any noise in the industry. Typebeat?

  4. This is cool, like an edm/hiphop blend. Usually that comes with super distorted 808 slides but yours are fairly clean, gives a cool sound. Feel like the drop at 1:35 coulda been bigger or had a different impact and I think it's cause the volume stays fairly similar throughout the beat. Automation would really help here with carrying volumes and transitioning between quiet/loud or, low/high energy sections.

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