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Barbers found out their customer was shaving her head because of chemo

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  1. Played through injury the entire playoffs. 🙏 for Jules ankles

  2. Anyone who thought Randles “lack of effort” was becuase of him as a person has zero idea of how difficult it is to play through an injury.

  3. I think lack of effort and heart are two different things. He showed heart by playing through the injury but the injury clearly effected his effort level on defense. I would have been cool if he had the surgery and didn’t play.

  4. How on earth can you conclude whether “heart” or “effort”, two completely internally internally subjective emotions, by watching his play on the court?

  5. This 100% right here. We know he can play great but all too often he looks like he doesn't care. He also tends to complain to the refs and his teammates too much. We just want consistent effort

  6. Buttttt just because he doesn’t “look like he cares” doesn’t mean he doesn’t!

  7. I like Naz but you’d have to trade hartenstein first

  8. 15 drafts is a cherry picked stat though when just going a little more than changes it big time and you’re not even just going back 15 years when some of those older guys got to SB or won it

  9. Yeah OP is being super selective with data points to drive his assertions.

  10. I’m sorry you’re outlook is so negative that that’s the first thing you think of

  11. People in the comments who are like “mhur it was only a simulation” IT WAS REAL TO THE AI!

  12. I don’t really see how the position is relevant. There’s efficient three point shooters of all shapes and sizes.

  13. Oh is that the reason why she gets abuse? Everything was fine for years and then people starting abusing her when that happened and for that reason? Oh then youre right I guess.

  14. Just my opinion, but you can make your point (which is more or less a fair one) without sounding like a complete douche

  15. What were his stats for the games he played with the Knicks? I think it would be cool to see and compare.

  16. I’ll admit I own him, but I truly think he’s in a good spot.

  17. For sure. I think it’s common anytime we interact with artifacts from earlier periods of our life that it’s going to bring up a myriad of emotions .

  18. If the Knicks felt they had to give up too much for Donovan Mitchell I can’t imagine this situation will be any different

  19. “We’ve seen enough”… one series where he was playing 1v5 and another series he was coming off two serious ankle injuries while still having the best plus minus on the team during the Heat series. Interesting take, and by interesting I mean dumb af.

  20. I know tight ends usually take a year or two to develop but when it comes to this rookie TE class does anyone else feel like it's a bit different this year? Like usually a rookie tight end has some old vet infront of him and that rookie will take like 5-10 weeks to get meaningful snaps. I dont see that being the case with Kincaid, Laporta, Mayer, musgrave or even schoonmaker. I see them getting a ton of snaps week 1 and on.

  21. Well you’re kinda talking to two different things.

  22. Age of consent was 14, also they met in a 21 and up bar where she lied and used a fake ID to get in. Also she was the one to leak the tape, not him.

  23. That's an oxymoron. You don't make a "very good income in the US" if 10k would be life changing.

  24. That’s not true at all. Regardless of how much money you make receiving 10k at once is a substantial amount of money that could definitely change your life.

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