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  1. On utilise du vieux pain dur, qu'on a fait trempé dans de l'eau.

  2. Avec le pain c'est plutôt un salmorejo. Le gazpacho c'est avec poivron, cocombre, tomates, eau, vinaigre, ail et sel.

  3. Check the area around Cadiz too, there are some amazing landscapes around there (like the Bolonia beach).

  4. J'ai pas envie de scroller mais c'est étonnant de ne pas voir Drôle nulle part. C'est faite par la même réalisatrice de Dix pour cent et malheureusement Netflix à décidé de ne pas faire une deuxième saison, alors que la première est géniale à mon avis

  5. Pour le coup ça c'est vrai, la qualité de l'air est assez mauvaise. Mais bon si c'est que pour ses deux années de master ça devrait aller, on y survit

  6. If that could make you feel better I come from a Catholic family too. On my mother and dad's sides I have two different witches, everyone knew about them and it was perfectly fine to bring them kids to extirpate parasites or ask them to cure evil eye in a largely Catholic community.

  7. Installe un détécteur de monoxide de carbonne.

  8. Slightly different thing, but I had to get a new phone plan while I studied abroad. Signed up in the store, 5 minutes with some help from staff because I was not a native speaker of the language. How to cancel after 4 months? MAIL THEM A LETTER! In 2019, they made me mail them a letter to cancel my phone plan that I had for one semester of college. Most insane cancelation policy I’ve ever seen!

  9. This had France written all over from the fifth line already.

  10. Before going there or call, try by sending them an email marked as urgent with some photos of the bird attached. Keep us updated

  11. We have three different types of lined notebooks, ive seen lots of people referring to them on the internet as A, B and C type. In the A type, there's a pattern of a central, narrower line, surrounded by a wider lines up and down. In the B type this central line is a bit narrower than in the A type and the C type is wider lines that are all the same.

  12. True, but achievements aren't the reason I recommend not using mods the first playthrough. I recommend not using them the first playthrough because mods can be overwhelming and time consuming. There's so many mods and you have to learn how to pattern your load orders. Between those two things, you could be eating a lot of time when you could be enjoying your first run through instead. Also, if you play the game first, you will have a better idea of what the mods will affect and what mods you will want when you do sit down to figure it out.

  13. The only mod I've added to my first playthrough that im really happy about is Wyrmstooth!

  14. Also put all the liquid things in a zip lock bag at home, when they ask you to get them out, you already have them all in one place

  15. My worst roommate ever is my current one : keeps me awake at odd hours to watch the NBA playoffs. We do not live in the US, its 2am when they start here! ... at least he cuddles me when he finally comes to bed. He's my bf.

  16. Learnt spanish there and with people from there. Confident to say that it was and still is a wild journey

  17. There's another place in Southfringe Sanctum behind and to the right of the enchanting table. It looks like it's going to open up to somewhere because you have to go past a few boulders but then you pop off the map. It's not endless though - you will fall off the edge.

  18. Lets reopened the "how to fall off the edge" discussion. Someone else tried to reach the room full of dead npc by falling?

  19. The one of the very thin t-shirt, so thight that you can guess a lot.

  20. Woke up with a tube down my throat, brace around my neck, cuts and bruises everywhere, unable to move with two cops right above me. I had to sit there while they explained to me I was hit by a driver who ran a light. I had to drop out of school for a year, lost my job and was in/out of treatments for over a year.

  21. You were lucky. A few months ago we lost a family friend like this. She was crossing the street and a driver who wasn't looking got her.

  22. abusive relationship 101. he's isolating you from everyone and gaslighting you to take as much control as he can get.

  23. Yes. This. Please, run away while you still can.

  24. Les urgences de Grenoble également vont fermer pour manque de personnel.

  25. Grenoble c'est de plus en plus le désert médical. Pas de médecin de famille qui prends des nouveaux patients, pas de dentistes, de gynécologues...q

  26. Pareil, j'ai pu avoir un généraliste en rentrant de l'étranger car c'est mon médecin de famille, mais ils m'ont bien dit qu'ils ne prenait plus de nouveaux patients....

  27. Pourquoi, pour un ophtalmo c'est pareil, environ 12/16 mois d'attente.

  28. Je me rappelle de ton premier post, content que Sporos soit bien rentré <3

  29. as a dude with arabic test tomorrow this hurts

  30. I never thought of non English programmers, how do they do it?

  31. Learned to code in France. Most of my classmates use French for comments and variable names, like most of my teachers, I stick to English for variables, English for work in progress comments and then translate my comments in French before pushing everything. Sometimes I mix all of it. It is weird.

  32. I just toss out misinformation about myself. I work at Exxon, am a 60 year old male oil field worker.

  33. Im a 49 years old owner of a motor bike shop in France! Nice to meet you all!

  34. Happened to me once in Severin Manor, the house in Raven Rock. I found all them four at the center of my bedroom, it was sooo creepy

  35. Only ever played on third person. I need to see where i go from an external point of view or I'll get stuck all the time

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