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  1. Ok! Then I’d mention it to her and if her reaction isn’t very aligned with yours then I’d be finding another provider. As I like to say, every mom is crazy about something. Some, car seats. Some, baby nutrition. Some, sleep training/naps. For me it was screens and this would have been a dealbreaker for me.

  2. Would be a dealbreaker for me. Do you have any other options?

  3. 33; bought a tiny house in Toronto at 26 with my husband. Renovated/added on when we were 29. Could not afford to buy the house we own today.

  4. I’ve had success in love, career and family. I like myself and appreciate the life skills that adhd has taught me.

  5. It’s a sign they’re ready to overnight potty train! Hooray!

  6. Insisting on risking the life of another child to satisfy a picky eater. I’m speechless.

  7. Need a pill bottle with a timer on top. Saves me every day!

  8. I mean….you don’t respect her, so just leave.

  9. Run. Before you have kids. It is going to get much harder on both of you and if your foundation isn’t strong it will end in heartbreak.

  10. I’m average 5’4” and wouldn’t date over 5’9”, tall guys feel like looking upward at one’s dad. I agree with OP that it’s inconvenient dating someone greatly different in height from you

  11. Even if her mental state improves, it doesn’t sound like she’s a partner who is compatible with your highly physical lifestyle (through no fault of her own). You’re not her mom; you don’t owe her your life. I’d be ending that relationship.

  12. Leave her alone, but be polite and kind when you see her out in public. Let her come to you when she’s ready.

  13. It’s likely more his personality than any effects of COVID. Your doctor’s advice not to worry and that he’s just developing sounds to be good advice.

  14. Reach out and offer to help keep her other child (your son’s friend) busy as she goes through this difficult time. Ask if she’d like you to take the boys out? Keep her son overnight for a sleepover to give her time? Drive him to activities/camp he’s registered in to take a bit of load off her in the short term?

  15. Not at all. Love single moms! No husband they complain about and the adversity tends to elicit a tough, get it done, “walk it off, Jimmy” attitude. My favourite kind of moms to hang out with

  16. As soon as they could sit up and roll both ways. They also each had a stuffy when they were ~6 months old

  17. Zero time with baby and a million dollars, pass All day with baby and zero dollars, pass Something in the middle, yes

  18. I’m very triggered by the calorie thing and would be livid. I don’t want my kids to understand that food can be counted until they’re practically adults.

  19. I’ll delete FB when Marketplace has a decent alternative

  20. First was slightly harder than the second, but when I hang out with other kids I realize they’re honestly both unicorns. So yes totally possible

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