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  1. Not officially but the pics of the truck leaked

  2. I’ve said it on the first announcement last week about GMS but at this point are they truly as solid as we believe. I would put them in the upper mid pack but not the top trucks.

  3. Right now, I absolutely agree. It’s clear they’ve shifted their focus toward the Cup team, and I understand why, but putting 2 cup cars on track every week is a lot of work and money.

  4. I love this kind of stuff so much. In the past 2 months I’ve learned the basics of blender and putting together basic schemes along with background scenes for the program. One day I’ll have Illustrator, and hopefully one day I can do stuff like this, that’s my dream really.

  5. Nice, so now we know the JGR cup lineup and part of the Xfinity lineup.

  6. We should just have a Truck Series Driver Selection Show at the rate of what's going on today. Have a big party with the unveiling of every team.

  7. I’ve said if before the truck series every year is just a huge shuffle of musical chairs, throw a dart at a name, manufacturer and team and I’d believe you.

  8. It’d be cool to see EJones run a couple of truck races for MHR and KBM

  9. KBM reunion, I just realized that’s totally possible with all the Chevy drivers he used to have under his wing.

  10. Am I the only one who loves the font 😢 I think it looks good on the

  11. Reddick won a couple races this year with 3Chi on the car

  12. What competitive Toyota teams does that leave in trucks?

  13. Tricon will be. It’s basically the new KBM, it will be getting the brunt of TRD funding. 3 of the 4 drivers are connected/pay drivers though so it’s a little odd. Hopefully the part time truck has prospects. Heim should be good next year.

  14. Oops new thread guess I’ll copy and paste what I said

  15. “Put up or shut up” as they say, Thorsport had all 4 trucks in the playoffs and 2 trucks in the final 4.

  16. I’m a wizard with nascar heat 5 setups. Y’all think I got a shot?

  17. I always had to go on YouTube and just copy whatever those guys did. Seriously, how did y’all make setups? There’s like 50 different things you can tune and each one has hundreds, if not thousands of possibilities and combinations. There had to be some sort of formula or something right? The only things I ever adjusted were tape and wedge lol

  18. I’m not gonna sit back and take this fucking beep boop shit

  19. I don’t know that it’s that slow a ride. It’s got ECR engines. It’s a decent ride for an Indycar guy coming in for spot starts to get IMO.

  20. It’s pretty slow, in all the races they ran this year their best finish was 23rd at the Coke 600. 13 laps down, even with all those wrecked cars and the overtime restarts they finished behind a ton of guys who straight up crashed and DNF’d

  21. He was at Florence as a “crew guy” on their late model, so he’s definitely part of… whatever 3F is

  22. Pretty sure he’s a mechanic/crew guy for JDM whenever he doesn’t race for them. I’d be surprised if he couldn’t wrench if that’s the case, even before he got popular on social media. He might not be the most lightning fast impressive driver but it’s clear he works his ass off and hustles.

  23. Why is she wasting another year in Trucks? She should just go up to Xfinity already, she showed at Vegas that she can run better there anyways, now she's just gonna keep getting wrecked by dumbass pay drivers

  24. I hate to burst the bubble but in the grand scheme of things, she IS one of those “dumbass pay drivers” when you look at the truck series as a whole. Finishing behind people like Chase Purdy and Tanner Gray who are both in racing solely because of money isn’t a good look. Even if she does have some success to her name, which is like, 2 ARCA West wins in a field with 15 cars lol

  25. I would bet Thorsport does the ol’ switch all over again and Ford puts her in a truck there.

  26. Would be huge pressure, even more than FRM. Thorsport had all 4 trucks in the playoffs this year and had 2 cars in the final 4. A true “put up or shut up” year.

  27. getting outviewed by Sheamus’ youtube Celtic warrior workout episodes

  28. Sammy Smith to the 18 (or another number), for sure since Letarte lowkey leaked it during the Watkins Glen weekend when he finished 3rd to Larson/Allmendinger in the Xfinity race.

  29. It's hard to say the performance center runs in the red when a big part of its value is as a resource for developing and, training, and enriching talent. It's hard to quantify that value in terms of it costs X to keep open and brings in Y dollar amount. It's more of a cost of running the business at that high of a level.

  30. Right, exactly. The actual building itself won’t pay for itself obviously, they don’t make money from it. They make a LOAD of money because of the stars it produces though. It’s definitely a worthy investment.

  31. This could also be a reference to another Truck team switching to Ford, but FRM was the most rumored lately.

  32. Wait so Tricon is running 4 full time trucks now, plus the part time truck

  33. Not gonna lie that’s actually funny as fuck I would unironically watch

  34. Back in 2014 everyone complained about the racing too though, hell nowadays we have younger adults like myself who feel nostalgic about the Car of Tomorrow. People HATED that thing back then, and not just the wing version, older fans said they hated how it looked like a spec car and the drivers said they couldn’t pass. Then Gen6 came and drivers/fans said you couldn’t pass, then NextGen came and we’re saying the same things. Spec car, can’t pass, sports dead etc

  35. It’s been very good, but the 2010s started out pretty good too.

  36. I remember as a kid getting WWE cards occasionally. Usually they listed out the accomplishments etc and almost every single one said “Future Hall of famer”

  37. Super clean Peterbuilt though. Do any of the hauler drivers do vlogs or anything? Would be cool to follow their travels during race season to all the tracks. Would probably be a dream job if you were a NASCAR fan too. Free entry to all the tracks and ability to watch every race live.

  38. @MikoHauler18 is the driver for this hauler, assuming he’ll drive the same one just as the 54 hauler next year.

  39. Lmao I forgot how tiktok always links your account, luckily not much to see lol

  40. They wanted to dig really deep into a specific car and literally did not have the tools on hand so they had to run to Home Depot so they could take a specific piece apart

  41. Respect to Sammy Smith for not bulldozing him because he had about 3 different opportunities to on his bumper going into turn 1. Tried 3 wide a couple times and backed out when it didn’t work:

  42. The focus of the post was numbers attached to drivers, not just teams. The champion running number one was just thrown in.

  43. NASCAR fans do get very defensive, especially lately. It’s absolutely an inferiority complex to be honest. Similar to how short track and dirt fans constantly talk about how much they hate NASCAR/hate when big names come and race in “their” big money races (Snowball derby etc), or Indycar fans when it comes to NASCARs stronghold in the US Motorsports market.

  44. Busch because candy, everyone hated him, and he won a lot , and when he didn't win he always drove 110% sometimes to his detriment

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