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  1. NTA. You may regret leaving early and not spending more time with your mother. And doing that road trip. If you let things settle maybe you'll be more open.

  2. NTA. If this a fiction writing group then you have your goals. Your partner is feeling insecure for some reason. I don't think it's reasonable for you to change the entire story, especially if it's all fake and you're not sexual with them. But you need to give space for your partner to express how he feels so you can get to the bottom of things.

  3. ESH. It sounds like he mistreated you, yes. But sending a "scathing" message after you both had seemed to agree not to have any contact isn't ok. You had to go out of your way to ignore his boundaries of not wanting to be contacted by you. It sounds like this was more about payback than getting closure (which, by the way, we don't need other people to achieve). It sounds like a toxic situation and I'm not sure if you subconsciously want to be drawn in, but you added fuel to the fire.

  4. NTA. You should have the wedding you want just as much as your fiancé. Concerns about him being underaged is totally valid. Most of the time people are drinking and you'd feel awkward trying to make him not feel awkward.

  5. NTA. Your parents can't control your younger siblings and used you as a distraction with zero repost for your interests and possessions. If you pay rent, I suggest moving out. It's not worth it. It's your parents' job to teach their children respect and self control.

  6. NTA. He shouldn't have to be told he can't just use your card whenever he wants. He's stealing from you. Also, as classist as this is to say- he doesn't have to eat out twice a day every day. If you bought him groceries, household supplies, helped with utilities, ect- that's one thing. But most people I know can't afford to eat out twice a day. He's taking advantage of the situation.

  7. NTA. You made it clear you had to leave by a certain time and they ignored that request and now are gaslighting you by saying you ruined their day/work out. It doesn't sound like your friend communicated to you that he was having his anxiety triggered and wanted to do the exercise for a growth of character. So he doesn't have a right to say you didn't communicate with him.

  8. NTA. As someone else said your band director should have reached out to your parents or had a guidance counselor do it. Also, it sounds like your parents could have reacted better. Rather than yelling and scream, they could have gotten down to the route of why she isn't doing well in school.

  9. NTA. They're footage of you and your personal life. It's weird he isn't ok with deleting them to be honest. He can always edit the videos down there are parts of him he likes. Unfortunately, you probably can't prove it. If you're just honest with him and try to explain where you're coming from emotionally, then hopefully he will listen. Otherwise you might need to set boundaries and take some space. He's not respecting your feelings and wants which isn't ok.

  10. NAH. You have different priorities. The housing marketing just keeps getting hotter. I don't think the numbers are going to come down either. It totally makes sense you want to do a sound investment now instead of dish a bunch of money on a party.

  11. ESH. Usually I'd be in favor of people respecting their mental healths. But refusing to to go to family events would cause more drama. It sounds you're not being respectful of her feelings. That doesn't justify her making rude comments. But, if this was a sensitive subject for her that you were informed about, why do keep shoving it in her face?

  12. NTA. I'm not trying to be rude, but it sounds like he needs some help. That's really intense. I'm a terrible cool and I know garlic and onions are key ingredients. You shouldn't have to give up something so important to you. It's inconsiderate of him to expect you give up something special and just normal. If he can tolerate it in a restaurant, he can deal with it at home.

  13. NTA. It's your identity. I've always thought it was really weird we don't get to choose our names. I'm FTM, but even before realizing I'm trans I thought it was weird.

  14. Have you told your sister this is what you're considering? The fact you're doing everything for her is just allowing her to do nothing. Of course you want to make sure the cat is in good hands. I'd hate for you to take the cat back to a shelter. If you really can't take care of the cat, there are online adoption pages, and just posting on FaceBook and in social circles can help you find the cat a new home.

  15. INFO: Have you talked to your mother about this being something that is effecting your mental health? Have you explained that this is specifically for school related works? Is you getting a car an option, as it would be safer than public transit?

  16. NTA. It's your wedding, you invite who you want. It's not your problem that she can't behave herself. I hope she's in therapy and getting help. She's young enough for this to be fixable.

  17. YTA. You literally took her place in her original plans that she canceled so she could see that movie with you. It feels like the movie was important than your girlfriend. And there was a lot of compromises missed. Could she have chipped in for gas? Could someone have picked her?

  18. NTA. You feel a duty and responsibility to take care of her. Which is totally normal, but isn't always true. It sounds like she may have mental health issues- she's not that old, but she's getting up there. If you have any other adults in your life, you should inform them of this behavior.

  19. YTA. Why not encourage her to get her dog trained? Or does the dog have a medical issue that's not being addressed properly?

  20. ESH. I'm sorry you had such a bad childhood. Which is why I'm extending it to everyone, rather than just you.

  21. NTA. No, you don't need to tell your parents anything you're not comfortable with. You're an adult who is dealing with your problem.

  22. I think you're confused at the situation. It doesn't sound like he's mad that you didn't tell him- he would have been hurt by the lack of trust. He's saying that you do't want him to have anyone and that you're selfish- that's not the same as him being upset that you didn't confide in him.

  23. ESH. Clearly, your sister did a terrible job at explaining the truth to your niece.

  24. NTA. You didn't understand the gravity of the question. You thought they weren't together anymore. If you had known she was trying to fish around for another woman maybe it would have turned out differently. I don't know how old you all are, but if you're adults they're not acting like it.

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