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  1. dude dont be a piece of shit about it. i read the post. everyone's making it seem like all of the halloween stuff is supposed to be out today. fuck you.

  2. Those stretch marks and gut tell me that's as close to fruit as the get

  3. judging by her "gut" and how minor those stretch marks are...she's probably at max 120lbs

  4. you're literally making fun of someone who wouldn't even be considered plus sized. have you ever seen a woman sitting down?

  5. I mean it can be...but thats if it goes too long untreated or not treated correctly. I have a diabetic cat and we have been managing it for 4 years now.

  6. alright. thank you, I'm going to contact our vet asap.

  7. Good luck...its always a great thing when an owner notices these changes in their pets. Sounds like you probably caught it early enough!

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