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  1. Lol a law that’d be overturned as well or ruled unconstitutional since a shadow government SCOTUS can make up anything they want

  2. Miért kéne ehhez nem internetesnek lennie?

  3. mert a kindle bizony figyeli, hogy mit csinálsz, és simán kinézem belőlük, hogy kalózkodásért távolról brickeljék a cuccot, és még ha be is tudnád perelni őket érte, nekik majdnem végtelen sok pénzük van, neked viszont nincs, így elég addig elhúzniuk a pert, hogy az unokáid is adósrabszolgák legyenek életük végéig...

  4. They are completely different technologies. CBDC's are extensions of fiat currency, which is literally what crypto was created to fight. At least inform yourself and stop spreading poorly informed opinions.

  5. No, CBDCs are an extension of fiat currency just like I said. Fiat currency obviously massively predates crypto.

  6. no, a CBDC is a happy marriage between old school bank money and crypto, as every individual unit of a CBDC is programmable. whether it's permission on what you can buy, or even how long a unit is spendable at all, meaning you can't even save up money to buy a house! rent or bank, that's it.

  7. Legendary answer. I wish I had coins with which to give you an award!

  8. a lot of these people are incels, of course they won't have children...

  9. the two aren't mutually exclusive. there are voluntarily childless couples and also a ton of incels

  10. Not sure but the sketchy threads on 4chan were calling for people to come armed to the capitol

  11. it's not like 4chan isn't full of schizoposting all the damn time

  12. anyone not seeing through zog social gets what they deserve.

  13. "sudden infant death syndrome" is just a crazy mother doing infanticide.

  14. Nekem a fordítottja a kérdésem. Hogy lehet rászoktatni, hogy mixelve egyen? Mindig csak szárazat eszik. Próbáltunk belecsempészni egy pici nedveset a száraz közé, de mindig ott hagyja.

  15. külön próbáltátok adni neki? a mi macsekunk egyáltalán nem hajlandó keverve enni, de két külön tálból simán, hol az egyiket, hol a másikat, amelyikhez éppen kedve van

  16. How much would it cost now on average? Serious question, I've never been with a prostitute

  17. don't know about the prices across the border but you can easily get one here for HUF 30000

  18. I doubt the prostitute cares whether you bust in 90 seconds or 90 minutes

  19. others have said it in more detail, so a TL;DR: you have a CPU architecture mismatch as a Raspberry Pi won't have an amd64-compatible CPU.

  20. That fact that he instantly targeted the daughter scares me. He might be grooming her in a way/ create plausible deniability by being controlling and abusive. That way if she says “mom he touched me” he can claim shes making it up cause she hates him for the new rules and blames him for the death of her beloved cat. And hes testing OP to see how far shell let him go and how many of his lies shell swallow.

  21. I'm glad I'm not the only one who got pedo vibes from the guy

  22. You deleted all your downvoted comments and still came back for more? I wish your head was a livable space, I’d love to live rent-free.

  23. Don't bother trying to explain anything to me. You lost me with your last comment. Lol

  24. then do both of us a favor and don't at me on any of your accounts again

  25. And yet was still the one that came out the chaddest (I know that is not a word).

  26. Because Vivaldi is based on Chromium and it doesn't use some of these settings. Hardware acceleration is available in Vivaldi settings, the second one does nothing and the third one is just the link to your computer's proxy settings.


  28. could you please make some screenshots? I'm geoblocked from that site and doesn't work right now.

  29. I've had no end of trouble with Neon. I can get it installed and boot into it just fine, but I always run into some major hitch with it. I would never recommend it over Kubuntu.

  30. I never saw the appeal of a hybrid distro that tries to be both LTS and bleeding edge at the same time, and Neon is exactly that.

  31. I put Mint on my mom's computer and it has made both our lives much simpler. Almost everything she does is in a web browser so it suits her needs perfectly.

  32. my boomer mother is perfectly fine with Debian XFCE, too. she can browse the web and pirate her favorite shows too

  33. Worked like a charm. i'm sorry ik this is just so newbish thing to ask i do program in my free time, school sucks.

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