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  1. Luka, Kyrie, & Dlo would be a defensive backcourt for the ages

  2. Might be better off to not play him and keep his trade value high

  3. Looks like you've been watching Poole? :')

  4. I'm rooting for the heat, but I don't care either way. I believe we have the better tam between both of them. I'm just going to sit back, drink a beer, and enjoy the stress free environment for the next few days

  5. I'm fairly certain we could sweep the heat (Lowry playing like ass, injuries, etc). Celtics would definitely be the tougher matchup.

  6. Docs a good floor raiser but low ceiling type of guy.

  7. The Knicks look pretty good right now. They gave the Heat more problems/headaches than the Bucks and Celtics ever did/done.

  8. Brunson did more than the Js combined. Imagine that. Overrated to hugely underrated in one season.

  9. My whole family stared at me after I screamed at this play. I've been watching Duncan for a few years now, and I've never seen him slash and playmake like this before. GO HEAT!

  10. Agreed. I really hope Denver can pull through. Jokics stats so far have been out of this world.

  11. I would love to see Jokic OR Butler win the chip. Love those dawgs.

  12. I will 100% draft him at a bargain. I'm pretty confident in my ability to make playoffs and getting Ja at a later round is too good to pass up.

  13. Keep in mind, if he gets suspended he might not be INJ and labeled as O. If that's the case your carrying dead weight on your roster.

  14. Debatable... I can see merit having and not having IL+.

  15. They are one of the softest teams I’ve ever seen. You can’t even blame Grant for trying to be a homeless man’s Draymond and light some kind of spark.

  16. It’s like Joe makes a game plan for substitutions and refuses to deviate from it. White, Brogdon, and Rob all playing well but sat on the bench way too long for some reason.

  17. Why did grant poke the bear. The dude has to shut his mouth.

  18. Dude has looked so good after leaving the wizards.

  19. I don't think average person realizes how ridiculous that is. I totally thought he was gunning in the left corner, but somehow fakes it to the left wing. Wow 😳

  20. Ya fk. I pay like 75 per month for this sh*t.

  21. Not a huge shock but every coach is getting fired in these playoffs it seems

  22. Guido is such a boss. This is by far my favorite scene in this movie.

  23. Not a hot take - Steph has that dawg in him

  24. That's why they call him the baby face assassin.

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