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  1. This is too far man. I'm just as homophobic as anyone else here, but making the child's cancer an opportunity to make a statement about same sex 'marriage' is pretty darn terrible. Not Chad.

  2. Can relate, i had cancer when i was a child. That post made me feel troubled

  3. I mean, i don't call a vote on those guys. It's funny seeing them ripping eachother apart over a single thing or word. If someone calls out a vote - fine, but i just ignore it bc i somehow unbound accept and decline vote buttons and dont care enough to fix it.

  4. Buddy even when I turn off my VPN after entering the game I get around 200 vpn

  5. Ping, perhaps? Anyways, there may be something with your provider, check it out.

  6. no but gfn isn't available in asia officially and only through alliances and since the servers are far the ping is high either way nothing is wrong with his connection

  7. Sets a new standard for the animations of new heroes. Clearly a lot of work went in to make her moves look unique and cool. Puts every new hero since warmonger to shame tbh.

  8. True. But i see it a little bit goofy. But im real happy to see that there is such hero as this. Its so good, well, after pirate everything could be good.

  9. Easily. Because guy on the right doesn't get emotional whilst guy on the left goes infuriated just by someone criticising Biden.

  10. You have fallen into the most basic conservative trap. Thinking the guy knows stuff just because of the way he talks and the number of random stats they can pull out of their ass.

  11. As i said "probably knows facts". I didnt really say that he knows stuff he talks about. Wasn't sure about him.

  12. Number 1) I had similar experiences and feelings with family members. EMDR therapy knocked that shit out so damn fast. It was amazing.

  13. Man. Whining means talking and talking is good. Those people telling your to stop it aren’t your kind of people. I had maybe hundreds of friends but I eventually (all of us) end up with few only. I have now only 5 trusted friends and yes I keep searching for them and every failed relation I learn and ponder on what went wrong. Just stay strong, finish your school and have a hobby or something. Trust me it will get better once you’re independent enough. I promise you that good things will come your way. If we give up just because of problems here and there, then there would not be any man alive. No one is void of disasters and each one of us here have our own problems so you’re not alone. Keep chatting with me please ok?

  14. Well. I hope so. I don't really want to talk it all out because i have tons of stuff happening to me right now and even more stuff happened to me lately.

  15. No it doesn't work like that but you can upgrade then downgrade right away or after a couple days and then it will switch to free at the end of the month

  16. You just sign up for a month then switch it to free right away then it lets you use the rest of the month with priority before it switches to free

  17. Exactly. I guess i just cant read. Sorry. Anyways, that'll help. Thanks again

  18. Bro. I love these mods. My post got taken down within minutes just by showing other's nicknames.

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