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  1. He’s staff wack pack. That’s why Howard is still the greatest. He may be a shell of his former self, but the guy knew to hire half retards as staff because it was free content.

  2. Truffle fries, with truffle oil, are disgusting

  3. Yeah its been called that forever. I was thinking a good ol murica rebrand name like SPAM did for potted pork products

  4. Um why not send money to the attorney and not so yo yo on gofundme?

  5. Wait is this somebody who forgot to text from your other account?

  6. Makes sense if the National Enquirer deals goes ahead, note American Media...

  7. If I'm aware enough to tell my phone, I'm 80% more likely to remember on my own. Losing things happens because I don't naturally make note of where I put them.

  8. But also good for thoughts.... and ideas..

  9. Me: Hi IRS? How much do I owe so I can pay?

  10. I saw this in a cartoon once but I'm pretty sure I can do it

  11. If this is ERC pm me....I got volume

  12. I can buy erc live transfers and inbound calls

  13. I only send off completed retainers

  14. So if you have bad aim, attempted murder...

  15. Thats BS. Not only that Pat is coming from the American version of Sex Pistols - and a lot of guitarists like John Frusiciante said they were influenced by him - he was also ahad of a time choice. He gave representation to people of color in time it was rare in the rock industry - Pat is half Afro American and half a Jew. He also was super queer before it was “legitimize”. That was of course the right choice for the ideology of Kurt. Nirvana was need the second guitar and without it they couldn’t continue for another run….

  16. Pat Smears gay? I wonder if his wife knows

  17. You know the temperature the right now?

  18. Mom has a helmet, why would her son need one?

  19. All good mate... It is the internet, have to be careful!

  20. I don't think this is right. When Amazon detect a product that is selling well they introduce their own version and strangle out the third party to get all the sales for themselves

  21. Yes grocery stores do this also...have for years...

  22. Not true. Name the statute they're breaking, and the jurisdiction that applies.

  23. What does art have to do with this?

  24. This is faker than her orgasms

  25. I don't know she doesn't fake for me..

  26. There is something in my bucket dear Liza...

  27. Hotel resort fees, and Airbnb cleaning fees

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