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  1. I and many people I know in CT commuted to NYC. Also, many businesses in Stamford/Norwalk area are there because of the proximity to NYC: access to talent, airports, other NYC businesses, etc. NYC has a massive influence on that part of the state.

  2. Also I assume you’re getting your data from CERC, which I’ve always found to be questionable re: out of state numbers.

  3. I’m working on one too. But I’m is nsfw so I don’t think you’d enjoy

  4. I think it’s mostly been lukewarm overall forever. Not the worst Alien movie, far from the best. This sub doesn’t necessarily represent the average Alien viewer.

  5. Julia’s and Scratch are not really near one another. About a 15 minute drive between the two.

  6. Nah. 8 minutes according to Google Maps. Only about 3 miles. Regardless, Scratch is in the “Orange area” and pretty excellent.

  7. Friends who are bakers complain about how costumers have changed over the past few years. So many people are out for the scam, looking for free product, threatening poor reviews, basically acting as self entitled as Ye. The most common scam is to claim the cake wasn't cooked, all evidence had been thrown away (for "safety") and now they need a full refund or they'll put them on blast all over social media. Apparently this has been spread through TikTok. The profit margins are razor thin but so many dickheads believe it you own a business then you must be a millionaire. It's constant bullshit. I don't blame anyone for getting out. The public after covid fucking sucks donkey diarrhea.

  8. It’s really bad. The acting is terrible. The writing is poor/lazy. The characters talk like modern teens, which takes you out of any fantasy feel. It looks cheap (the jarring transition from the old film footage to this - wow). Everything is too clean, polished. My friend put it well: it’s like going to a local Renaissance Fair. The dialog is incredibly cringe.

  9. i noticed that too, people who didn’t like this shitty show are getting downvoted

  10. It’s so bad. One of the worst things I’ve seen in years. Like a CW teen show that’s set in medieval fantasy.

  11. Thanks for a list of things this person wasn't asking. What time is it...well it isn't raining.

  12. How is it not relevant? They asked for large lunch portions for the money. That’s what I provided.

  13. The degree isn’t important. What’s important is becoming better at your craft, and hopefully some good connections and internships.

  14. The car has 38k miles and has never had an alignment.

  15. Doesn’t necessarily need one unless there is an issue. Unless you get a good deal on one.

  16. I’d be more concerned with quality balancing, but that’s just me.

  17. Planned a vacation around Salleys Frank Pepe’s modern bar ……

  18. And there’s so much more. New Haven is a great food city/area.

  19. Doesn’t look as good as Bronx pizza, but looks better than most California pizza.

  20. I have always been nervous walking in Stamford. Something about it. It’s not quite pedestrian friendly enough and drivers are nuts. Shame.

  21. Dang, you missed the Lamplight Stroll in Milford last night and the Tree Lighting the week before. 😞

  22. You mean making it permanent? Summer is daylight savings. We are in normal time now.

  23. Me and my wife record when we have sex so when she’s not in the mood I don’t watch porn or anything I just watch me and my wife fuck about 27 gb of our homemade sex tapes. Plus when she see a video of us doing the deed she can get in the mood

  24. That reminds me of that scene in I Love You Man where he gets called out as pathetic for jerking off to a picture of his fiancé in a bikini.

  25. I’ve been to New Haven and had the major 3 - Pepe’s, Sally’s, and Modern.

  26. I’ve been to Modern many, many times and never once had a “burned, inedible part”. Can’t speak for Pepe’s as I haven’t been there in years.

  27. There is a script for Forrest Gump 2, it got shelved after 9/11.

  28. Wow, that’s really really bad. Hard to imagine he’s not trolling.

  29. If you thought traffic was bad from New York to Stamford before.

  30. NY is getting them soon too. We were far too slow to get that tax revenue when the going was good.

  31. All season is fine. It doesn’t snow THAT much on the coast.

  32. I am from NC and have lived here for some years now. Make sure you have descent all season or snow tires and nice layered clothing. Always keep a snow shovel and scrapers in the car as well. If your driving on snow or ice you have to go slow and not use the brakes as much. The driving part is something you learn over time. Hopefully we won't have too bad of a winter. Make sure you bring some cheer wine and NC bbq because we ain't got any up here buddy lol.

  33. No recommendations for a “fusion” taco, but Tacos Los Gordos in New Haven is pretty awesome. It reminds me of Los Tacos No. 1, which is my favorite taco in NYC.

  34. Lived here my whole life, usually it's not that bad. Usually don't use the merit, I only just got my liscense while at colledge

  35. Funny how Torrington is now full of people who don’t agree with his views

  36. They’re pro slavery? Seems a little extreme to paint Torrington that way?

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