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  1. I feel like you are doing something that anyone else can do. For example, in your 10 major investment lessons video, you say how you lost everything in the title and description. And you went into it in the intro, but it was very generic, and full of memes.

  2. Good call. I was afraid if I didn’t fill the vids with constant broll people would not find it engaging. It takes the most time too, id rather not.

  3. I feel like maybe it had to do with the fact your first videos looks like they tackle more specific improvement skills rather than improvement. When self help channels can advertise to me a specific skill rather than just “5 ways to improve” I feel more inclined to click. I’d rather watch a “how to turn 5 mins into $1000” which would be a time management video or something. Idk if that video idea conveyed my point, but that’s in general what I feel like might be a factor

  4. To be honest really good video, definitely interesting topic and wanted to hear what you say, your setup is also really nice, the only thing I would change is try making the script for engaging for the audience so they stay during the video, especially the introduction should be the most engaging. Great video and good luck to you!

  5. Yo mb I commented this on the wrong person mb ill fix it one sec I'm so sorry

  6. Very good, professional content. The camera quality is great the audio is well mixed and theres enough stuff happening on screen to keep me entertained. Keep doing what you're doing and i can almost guarantee views are gonna find you

  7. Your channel looks good indeed. Your growth is also very good, many people would be happy to have such numbers. You are just at three months.

  8. Hey wanted to revisit your feedback. Not much has changed growth wish on my end even though I’ve still been consistent and think my content is much better now. 🤔 not going to lie seeing that this was written 55 days ago and only have received 2k views and 40 subs since is a bit discouraging

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