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  1. The whole trail is 38 miles long and ends in Seal beach , it is epic , hope you enjoy

  2. You can also do a 53 mile loop if you connect the SGRT to the Rio Hondo Trail to the LA River Trail and reconnect to the SGRT using the bike path in Long Beach. Only requires a small section of street riding in Long Beach.

  3. How is the ride? I live right next to the Rio Hondo Trail and i’ve been wanting to ride into long beach on it but it gets pretty sketchy where it connects to the LA River Trail lmao

  4. Unfortunately the Lower Rio Hondo Trail is known for being the "ghetto" trail but like most things it's relatively safe to ride it during the day time. There are occasionally serious incidents that occur on that trail, but most incidents are gang on gang related. Someone was murdered on the trail in Montebello a few weeks ago. Someone was also murdered on the LA River Trail in South Gate so it is what it is. Would definitely avoid any of these places at night though.

  5. It's honestly so infuriating. I don't drive a lot (my bf has a car, I don't), but every time I do drive somewhere within LA, I rage way more than is healthy trying to find parking. I wish electric scooters weren't so stupidly expensive, because I would use those a lot more often. Contemplating buying one, but then I look at all of my bikes and rollerblades and decide against it... Until I pay another $25 to get to and from the doctors, lol, then I start thinking about it again.

  6. you can find a lightly used Segway ninebot G30P for $500 or less if you get lucky on CL or Offerup.

  7. Curious, is the Shoreline Way bike path on the beach lit up at night with street lights? Is it safe to go for a ride at night through there?

  8. 2,000 miles on mine. Only thing that's been replaced was the rear tire when I got a hole that was bigger than what the self healing slime could handle on it's own.

  9. Wow, I had posted about this when it happened but I had no idea he had stabbed another Asian man just a few days prior. He was only charged with a misdemeanor and released for that incident? How does that even happen?

  10. I remember seeing his image floating around twitter after those two Compton Sheriff's deputies were ambushed by a gang member in 2020. It was being shared by random accounts though, none of them being official LASD or law enforcement accounts.

  11. People are getting shot over some lame shit these days. I fear we may be getting a bit too used to it. Imagine never seeing your mom again because some dickless loser shot her on the road for reasons that you'll never know.

  12. yeah and there was a separate shooting on the 110 freeway (near manchester) the day prior. One person was injured by gunfire and taken the hospital but the condition is unknown.

  13. Sometimes even when doing everything right it's still a gamble. The other day I almost got obliterated by an SUV while in a fully marked bike lane while on 2nd street from PCH, in broad daylight. This driver somehow managed to find it hard to travel in a straight line, so they drifted all the way out into the bike lane and missed me with just inches to spare. They weren't even doing anything difficult, they were literally just going straight as was I. After almost shitting myself, I decided it wasn't worth it and biked on the sidewalk the rest of the way.

  14. From what I’ve seen from the LAPD on transit, I’m really not under the impression that having a cop with a loaded gun on the train/bus will make the situation any better. Luckily Metro just announced that they’re hiring 300 unarmed ambassadors who will be trained in public safety and diverting mentally ill people to the programs they need. I think that’s a step in the right direction and am hopeful that it’ll lead to improvements in safety and a justification to expand the program.

  15. You'll need a few who are armed for cases like this.

  16. Those plastic bollards that count as a "separated" bike lane in L.A. probably wouldn't have protected you either, unfortunately.

  17. I like how it's set up in Redondo Beach on N Harbor Drive between the pier and Hermosa Beach. It's a two way protected bike lane off the side of the busy street, but doesn't impede traffic at all.

  18. Nice. My main experience is on Venice Blvd. where it runs a little over a mile, cuts 3 lanes of traffic down to two for that stretch, making motorists miserable, and nobody knows how to use it, so it's actually increased bike and pedestrian injuries.

  19. Did the city stop enforcing illegal homeless encampments too? The LA River Bike Path heading to the coast was clean and free of tents for a few months and now it's back to looking like Skid Row. There's trash and syringes everywhere, and even a full blown illegal bicycle chop shop under one of the overpasses. They were doing such a good job of keeping it nice and clean and then all of the sudden they stopped. Why?

  20. Not sure if it's worth the drive for you but I've used 'Moy's TV Repair' in Norwalk and they did a solid job.

  21. Honestly I can't remember since it was so long ago. But I remember not being pissed about the price. I think you can use the messaging system on yelp to get a quote and they reply quickly.

  22. I've encountered marked LAPD units patrolling the LART while on a bike ride and it's never been an issue. They drive 5 mph, wave, move to the side, and then that's the end of the interaction. It's all over in 5 seconds. I'd rather have them actively patrolling the area and having presence than not. Several gangs "claim" the LA River as their territory and the active police presence keeps them in check.

  23. It's normal in other countries for police to walk or go on bicycles on walking paths.

  24. I agree they should be on bikes instead of cars. But generally those are reserved for deliberate enforcement detail for a specific area as opposed to just routine patrols. I'm just glad to see any police presence at all.

  25. I've encountered marked LAPD units patrolling the LART while on a bike ride and it's never been an issue. They drive 5 mph, wave, move to the side, and then that's the end of the interaction. It's all over in 5 seconds. I'd rather have them actively patrolling the area and having presence than not. Several gangs "claim" the LA River as their territory and the active police presence keeps them in check.

  26. There's a homeless camp on that connector trail. The homeless (but not carless) use that trail to get to their camp. A beat up Honda Civic entered easily and honked at me on their way to their camp. Due to there being no gate at the South East Corner at Rosemead, a compact car fits easily. This entrance is kitty corner from the Bosque Del Rio Hondo Park.

  27. The u-turn on SG Parkway to transition to the road as well as the curves by the baseball field are pretty gnarly too

  28. I'm familiar with the SG Parkway, but which baseball field are you referring to?

  29. I didn't think I needed one since the G30P has "self healing" tires but I got a hole that was just big enough to where the liquid couldn't seal the hole and instead it just started bubbling and leaking out all over my tire. Was stranded in the middle of nowhere. I had tubeless tire plugs on me but no pump, which was dumb on my part but now I know better.

  30. Are you saying you want to keep the pump with you while riding? An electronic pump is somewhat large so that could be a bit inconvenient.

  31. Yes, while riding. I got a hole in my G30P while on a ride and unfortunately the hole was too big for the self healing liquid to seal up on its own and I was stranded for a while. I had some tire plugs with me but I had no pump (my mistake).

  32. Go for a bike ride on the shoreline in Long Beach. Or Do the Venice Pier to Santa Monica bike ride

  33. OP removed the "mother claims" part for some reason.

  34. I managed to plug the tire with a rope plug slathered in rubber cement and it's extremely solid. It's not losing any air whatsoever. I think I may just hold off on getting a new tire if this rope plug lasts for the life of the tire.

  35. do you remember how much they were? they told me on the phone they are $60 for just one

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