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i animated the kanye album covers

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  1. his dick must not be very long, theres a lot of room in that sock

  2. Honestly it's pretty interesting. I'm sure once you spend 10,000 hours doing it you'll be amazing. That's what they say it takes to be an expert. I'm sure you'll get there! Good luck! If you need any advice feel free to reach out.

  3. thanks so much, thats also some interesting info! i didnt know that lol

  4. The rhythm of it is hard to move to, but it’s just not my style I like the sounds you used tho

  5. thanks for letting me know! this was my first beat ever so the drums are a bit rough

  6. Time well spent is never for "nothing" IMO. And you can't always predict fame. For example many famous artists became much more successful after their death (not to be morbid but just point out your popularity is not actually reflective of the quality of your work). I would say this is probably common but it's not ideal to be so worried about demotivation.

  7. this is a great comment, i have the same problem as OP with the demotivation. it sucks when other people don't recognize your stuff or even say terrible things, but in the end it shouldn't matter because it makes you happy.

  8. I think it does matter, or at least it’s ok if does to you. Making music is a social activity. Music has served a social role in society since humans started doing it. Hell, if you consider stuff like birdsong to be a form of music performance than the social aspect of music is older than humans even.

  9. this is awesome, ur voice is really good and the guitar sounds nice along w it. love it!

  10. this goes hard! killer! i wanna fight somebody in mortal kombat to this

  11. this goes so hard! can't believe more people aren't lovin this rn!

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