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  1. I think ur confusing God with the traditions of Men

  2. I wouldn't say that they do it to purposefully "fuck with the straight fans" per se, but it does really fuck up continuity and undermines the integrity of the character.

  3. Never have I ever looked at SpongeBob and thought to myself who is he fucking. Dude is a sponge man jeez...

  4. Black people never gatekeeped the hair shit that was white woke folk on Twitter that started that shit.

  5. Money is part of it. Expensive to eat only real food. Besides alcohol, stick to only real ingredients. Eat more meat.

  6. Maybe it's because I'm on dark mode, but mines always been black with a white outline

  7. Plenty of left-wing meme spots for you to hang out at if you don’t like it here. I don’t think this place has become very right-wing, but whatever.

  8. The trick is not to think at all. Can't say it'll make you happy, but definitely less sad.

  9. This straight jacket is temporary

  10. Awww no why did I have to see that now 🀣 I’m here eating my chocolate coco pops 🀣🀣

  11. As a Canadian who's had to live next to separatist quebec, just let them. If you tell texas they are allowed to secede, they never will.

  12. No joke, back home we used to have a refrigerator company, they made superb refrigerators. We had one for 20 years and had to refill freon or whatever gas it needs to run once. Went out of business for being too good.

  13. Do… do people not take their appliances with them when they move?.

  14. Corrupt politicians, greedy companies and moist water

  15. I got harassed by a gay dude one time, I think some people are just creepy, that's all

  16. Reminds me of some people I knew. Husband and wife, the wife ended up cheating. The husband ended up killing himself. The wife then decided to bring the guy who she'd been cheating with to the funeral of her late husband. then later was confused to why the husbands family ended up kicking off at them.

  17. Well it's a long distance relationship unfortunately and she hasn't started the hormones yet but I really love her but I haven't asked her if she plans on doing bottom surgery it started recently so I don't think it's a good thing to ask from our conversations we were made for each other and she comunicantes that's amazing but the best part is, she took the first step

  18. Honestly I think you gotta think less in relationships, just say what's on your mental ask away and don't let doubt reside in your mind. Been in a long relationship and that shit broke my heart like 20 times, had to share my take aways!

  19. Yeah I will do it but it's her body she decides and I'm completely ok with it if she wants to do the surgery it's just a preference not a deal breaker u know? Like, it's a bonus not a need and at least for now the communication is great

  20. 100%, but I think you should feel comfortable asking if. You feel like asking, don't let the fear of them leaving make you become less you, know what I mean?

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