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An arena in South Dakota is holding a “Dash for Cash” where teachers get on their knees and fight for one dollar bills that they can use for classroom supplies while spectators watch and cheer

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TIL that in 1935 Congressman Thomas O'Malley (Wisc.) proposed a universal draft based on income where "the man with the most money would be called up first and exposed to the most dangerous posts", meaning John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Mellon, J.P. Morgan etc. would be drafted first.

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  1. I used to work at Astro Orbiter/Peoplemover, I always loved looking at Space while I was closing

  2. yes, they’re almost always broken though. also someone got stuck in them at least once a week, so i never used them

  3. I lived there for 7 months and my building’s elevator was never broken, it’s a big campus though

  4. Only one of them was the Sanchize

  5. I wear an Apple Watch Series 6 most of the time, but I can’t wear “smart” watches at work so I use a Fitbit HR at work so I can still track my health

  6. This will probably get buried, but here’s what I learned about this event after a bit of research earlier today:

  7. I’m not completely sure where you got that population statistic from but the population of Sioux Falls city proper is 192k, not 124k

  8. Moving anything isn't cheap. I can't imagine you could get it moved for less than $100 if even that cheap. Do you know anyone with a pickup? Deep freezes aren't too heavy when empty.

  9. Even renting a uhaul for a day and finding some friends/neighborhood youth to help and paying them a few bucks to help might be cheaper than hiring a professional

  10. It’s just one location. Very exaggerated title.

  11. It’s the only grocery store in that area, I think it’s a completely fair assessment

  12. People from the UK are apparently reverse vampires

  13. Good job! I forgot how similar some of the curtains look property wide

  14. I forgot how different Pizzarizzo looks, regardless of the food Pizzarizzo is definitely an upgrade aesthetically

  15. Never assume how deep a puddle is

  16. Honestly at this point I’m ready for everything in Tomorrowland (except space mountain) to get scrapped. The theater and Star Wars launch bay are huge areas of wasted space. Submarines and autopia in their current states I feel are lackluster. Buzz Astro blasters looks poorly maintained and now that there’s 2 shooting rides (tsm and web slingers in dca) I don’t think a third is needed. Star tours is too much Star Wars in the park after galaxy’s edge opened. The whole people mover track is also a huge amount of wasted infrastructure. I do like Astro orbiter but it creates such a bottle neck for crowds cause of the relocation, so I wouldn’t mind seeing it go and open that area up. Of course I’m crazy lol but I feel like Tomorrowland is on life support and I’m ready to pull the plug 😤

  17. Call me biased because I work in WDW’s Tomorrowland, but I feel like Tomorrowland is just something Magic Kingdom does far better than Disneyland in most every way. While Disneyland Paris may be the gold standard in Disney Tomorrowlands, I think WDW’s is something that Disneyland could realistically emulate and come out better

  18. luckily for them, they care less about their customers, so don’t hold park visitors to the same rigorous standards.

  19. We require masks indoors and still have plexiglass up, that’s about as much as we can do and it’s more than the other Florida parks do

  20. Hell, a Wildcard slot would be a major acomplishment

  21. They made it to the second round of playoffs last year, they did far better than wild card round

  22. Give it to me! Give it to me!" she yelled. "I'm so wet, give it to me now!" She could scream all she wanted, but I was keeping the umbrella.

  23. I thought that it was a release date for a second 😂

  24. The most secret release date of all, it came out 6 months ago

  25. Virginia, you do need to pay a $500 fee per year for not having insurance though

  26. Throw in a Culver’s Franchise and you got it

  27. There’s already (soon to open) a Culver’s in Jacksonville

  28. Last time the Steelers played they lost to “the same old Browns”

  29. I also like Josh D'Amaro a lot, but I can't help but feel like he's also partially responsible for some of the negative changes as they've happened under his watch. I hope I'm wrong and he's just following orders/falling in line hoping he'll have a shot at redemption later. It's all about the story.

  30. At least for parks based CMs we like him a lot. He spearheaded a campaign to improve our break rooms and overall seems to recognize us more.

  31. They should have had the Pacers medical staff check him out. They literally discovered asymptomatic cancer in LeVert that would have probably killed him if they didn't.

  32. I thought you meant the Fitnessgram Pacer Test for a minute and was trying to figure out if everyone else had a different Pacer test than I did

  33. A lot of things are being sorted out right now but the unions almost definitely will agree to have their members be required to be vaccinated.

  34. I suspect the US would have been more active in trying to prevent a war or at least trying to broker a peace deal. Money is a great motivator.

  35. Than what? Germany wasn’t going to accept any peace deals, Britain and France literally appeased them and that didn’t work. War was inevitable

  36. Kristi’s video at the top of that site has a bit of everything: sarcasm, anger at the voters, making it seem like she wasn’t trying to stop the program

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