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  1. I seem to remember something like that where somebody ran the ESP32 off the aircon power, and stashed in the space where the official wifi controller sat, and fed the IR transmitter out to face the IR receiver.

  2. Oh running it off the aircon's power is a good idea! Assuming you can access it ofc. We're lucky enough that there's a powerpoint just below the AC unit so I just swapped it for one with usb ports, then did pretty much exactly what you described from there; stash the esp32 inside the wall and just poke the IR transmitter out so that it points at the AC's receiver :)

  3. Good on you mate! It's very satisfying when you forget to turn it off, remember only after getting in bed, but realise you can solve the issue without getting up. Good luck!

  4. Having lived in Newy since 2009, I still find that ppl around here can be a bit "cliquey". Fairly easy to go out and kind of be "adopted" by a group for that evening (people are typically pretty easy going), but very hard to make long lasting friends.

  5. I'm really trying to avoid coming off as a dick here, and figure you'll never know unless someone politely lets you know. A "clique" is the perfect word for your context, so you'd wanna use "cliquey" rather than "clicky". That is unless I'm mistaken and Newwy people frequently make audible clicks, snap together like Lego blocks or are generally quite proficient with a computer mouse. Happy to be corrected :)

  6. Being from North Queensland, the thought of someone being excited to see a canetoad is so strange to me. I hate the invasive fat fuckers that cause so much chaos in the north. Crazy how much they’ve spread making it to the Kimberley’s and down your way though!

  7. I was excited because I thought it was a frog; it was my partner who worried it might be a toad

  8. Oh shit sorry I read it wrong my bad haha hopefully those gross little fuckers stay away from there!

  9. If it was "moo-lay" it would have one L and possibly an accent on the e. These people were joking around with you

  10. I'm sorry to see this OP, but you did a good thing. Please don't be disheartened from trying again. Times like this I find it helps to focus on what you can do next, rather than the crappy thing that happened outside your control

  11. Mandatory Mac is the fastest way to get me to quit.

  12. Actually that's funny, because nowhere in the recruitment materials did it mention "mandatory". Once or twice it used fluffy language like "...then you'll be able to buy your MacBook" and I just thought "ok, no thank you". I was happily working on my own equipment for a couple of months before having to screenshare one day and subsequently being "informed of the requirement".

  13. Yeah, but I was reimbursed with that month's pay. I'm also pretty sure advances are available for those who don't have the cash on hand :)

  14. Pick an accounting program you like (eg. Xero) then automate the process with Zapier.

  15. I'm a big fan of Kosciuszko Pale Ale & Lazy Yak, but you might find them difficult to locate overseas. Pirate Life & James Squire are also highly popular.

  16. Nailed it; perfect answer right here :)

  17. Me too, and I think we can consider each upvote on your comment another "me too".

  18. I was also curious about your question OP, and seeing people mention that you only need ACCM and to port forward, I thought I'd give you a quick summary of the latter because it sounds confusing but it's actually really simple (and now I'm excited to try it myself). Basically when you pay for internet, your ISP gives you an IP address. Port forwarding is something you can set up in your router's settings, so that traffic can flow from the outside internet (eg. your friend's pc) into one of your local devices (eg. your pc) via your external IP.

  19. Oh and assuming no prior knowledge; an IP is the address of a "thing" on a network. In my example above, your external IP is assigned by your ISP to represent your whole house, and then your router handles assignment of IPs on your local network. So when your friends try to connect to your server, they'll enter some details about your external IP, and port forwarding is the process of telling your router how to handle/where to send that traffic within your local network.

  20. Daaang - I'm so glad I asked, thanks a lot! Herein lies the perils of trying to future proof. At the very least, you've given me something to think very seriously about. So basically even though ddr5 is available, is it fair to say that you reckon it's still too early to make the switch?

  21. Personally, i got a 13700k with a 6400cl32 ddr5 kit which i am running at 7200mt/s in a z790 board. But tbh, ddr4 is cheaper, more efficient and up to point faster than ddr5. Aside from ddr5 prices there is also the issue of ddr5 motherboards being too expensive. On the other hand, ddr4 boards (b660 for intel and b550 for am4) are dirt cheap and so are ddr4 prices. Am5 might be worth considering after x3d cpus release and assuming they wont cost a fortune and they would offer equivalent performance uplift as 5800x3d did. Here is an interesting take on ddr4 vs ddr5:

  22. Apparently you're the guy I needed to talk to. Thank you so much, this is all SUPER helpful. I reckon I'll sit tight a little longer then; I may have gotten caught up in the wave of "new" stuff and decided now's a good time to get in

  23. I would genuinely quit. Or at the very least, make my top priority finding another job, then quit.

  24. Came here to suggest this ;) Check out vision radio if you haven't already

  25. So I just googled “Vision radio” - and the first 10 or so results were for “Vision Christian Radio” and for a bit I thought you were trolling. Then i found and I’m pretty sure that’s what you’re talking about.

  26. Hahaha yeah definitely the second one. Here's the latest season; it used to be called Noisia Radio

  27. Ok I'll bite, lots of comments about Gravy here that I seem to be out of the loop on also. Guessing this is some injoke/meme.

  28. It's the lyrics to a song by Paul Kelly called, "How to make gravy". Although the lyrics actually say:

  29. Damn, that's more depressing than I thought it was going to be =(

  30. Yeah but like a lot of Kelly's stuff, it's sad in a weirdly beautiful way. I'm never gonna chuck on some Paul Kelly and rave in the living room, but I can definitely respect that he wrote some brilliant (and varied) lyrics. Check out the lyrics to "To Her Door" as an example off the top of my head

  31. Remove both closet doors. Monitor inside closet and turn your bed 90 degrees counter clockwise. Rig might come out just far enough to get in the rig without being in the foot path to the rest of the room. Just watch your head getting in and out!

  32. This is exactly what I was thinking. The pedal end of my rig goes into a wardrobe currently. Someone else here commented getting under-bed storage too

  33. It looks to be antennae yeah, so a nicked antennae cable won't pose any fire risks?

  34. Nah, you'll be right :) the antenna just carries a signal, so just a very low voltage. Nothing dangerous

  35. Landscaper can do all the works. There are landscapers who specialise in retaining walls, usually if there were to be another structure on top (carport) at that height they would get an engineer to step in

  36. Brilliant, thanks very much! Great answer :)

  37. That blockwork looks like a DIY job and not waterproofed. Its probably not backfilled properly either.

  38. That's pretty likely honestly; thanks for the insight :) much appreciated!

  39. You absolute legend; thank you so much for replying. I'm actually confident that's what it'd be and even described it to YouTube once as sounding like it was "trying to emulate surround sound."

  40. Ah! Nevermind, looks like Reddit saves the day again :)

  41. You can stream it all here; it's not geoblocked like Youtube.

  42. 3. All the others are issues with the print, not the printer. 2 blurs the line on this rule slightly

  43. Absolutely! Other than the GPU upgrade (Previously a GTX 760) this is the longest I've gone without upgrading! I'm running stock speeds as well!

  44. We obviously have very similar taste; mine is also relatively unmodified since the original build with the exception of the GPU which was upgraded from a GTX780. Although I've overclocked the CPU a little up to 4.2ghz since I was doing some rendering a while back. Does this mean you're also still rocking DDR3?

  45. Should be fine. I'm still running a circa 2013 4670k with a GTX 1070 and see 60fps at 1440p. It's starting to show it's age though.

  46. No way me too! Only I've got a 4770K, but also from around the same vintage. You've gotta be happy with the value we've gotten out of these 1070s.

  47. If you can't find a firewall for steamOS, maybe you could make a pi hole instead. Then everything on your network benefits

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