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  1. I the title said "Carol Burnette" for a moment and I thought "Alright Carol! Getting tough!"

  2. The web site for my bank account requires pass codes for some operations.

  3. I hate the dependency the phone has created. I hate that I feel trapped to always having it and needing (vs wanting) it.

  4. I don't know. A comfortable looking bed and a sleep inducing cat. Are you sure you want to study? :-)

  5. That's what people in the lead always say.

  6. A large portion of redditors pride themselves on not following "the hive mind", yet we get tons of threads by people who feel bad they aren't keeping up with a schedule for life made by other people.

  7. Is it even possible to get MDMA in a therapeutic situation in the US?

  8. Not legally. I read in this month's Psychology Today that it might get approved as a PTSD treatment in 2023 in the US and that therapists in the field are super excited about that, but it's not a done deal. My dad has severe PTSD from a war and I wish this were available for him, so I follow the news on it sometimes.

  9. I saw a piece in the news over a year ago that the Army developed a drug. It gets injected between the vertebrae in your neck where it stifles some neural impulses, stopping PTSD for about 6 months per injection.

  10. Go see a physical therapist. Get clinically studied exercises in a program personalized to your needs to make back go and stay away.

  11. Pixel 4a was $129 in April 2021 at UBreakiFix.

  12. I paid $250, and the repair company did such a horrible job Google ended up giving me a free phone:

  13. I also found a browser extension to filter out Facebook posts by keyword.

  14. Thanks. I "neutered" my Facebook a while back, whittling the friends list down to about 40 extended family and and friends.

  15. Fuck it, ban them all, let's see what happens as a result lol

  16. That is what Australia did after someone with a gun mass slaughtered people.

  17. It would be pretty much impossible to do and likely wouldn't lead to a substantial reduction in death, which other gun control measures would.

  18. Is that necessarily optimistic? A new variant could take its place, possibly a more deadly variant and one that can cut through the vaccines like omicron.

  19. I like that this one sticks with the convention of TV show subreddits in having a sticked post for individual episode discussions.

  20. 30F here, I dated three men with off the scale ADHD. Most of them yes, are always jumping between jobs. Impulsive and if not controlled then reckless. Blurts things out, chases adrenaline fuelled fun like drinking, drugs and clubbing.

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