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British military aircraft rapidly supplying weapons to Ukraine

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  1. What exactly is the plan if Russia occupies Ukraine with 100k troops? Support some kind of guerilla warfare inside Ukraine with smuggled weapons and intelligence like in 80s Afghanistan?

  2. Russia has tech, it does not have the logistics required for a sustained campaign. Yes they have advanced systems, but let those systems run long enough and there is not enough repair parts, enough replacement stock and after a few months they are fighting with AK-47's and balls instead of fighter jets and tanks

  3. You must have read my “How to buy stocks” book. 😂😂 The real kicker is that if you would have held, it would have kept going down. 🤦🏻‍♂️ my stock life to a T

  4. I only invest in companies that have wronged me because I want to see them go out of business so their stock is worth nothing.

  5. Was going to say, that's a very long suffering look

  6. I had 6 fucking kids in 8 years and he gets the credit for “carrying” the family.

  7. I wouldn’t put carrying in quotations since he is quite literally doing so and I imagine financially as well. Only because women were rarely allowed to work outside the home then.

  8. Or you know women typically carry a child for 9 months prior to birth.

  9. It makes me so sad (and this quote really does it for me) that I'll never be able to see what happens after I'm gone. All the discoveries I'll never be able to see. All the questions that I'll never have answers to. Will humanity make it off this planet? Will we find another planet to live on if we do? How many of us would make it off the planet? Could we colonize other systems, and potentially galaxies, if we figure out quick interstellar travel? It's so frustrating that we have to live such short lives and can never know any of these answers. Imagine being a time traveler and bringing someone forward from ancient times. They would be in such shock. That's what I want to do, but I want to be the ancient person who was brought to our future.

  10. Just remember that your brain is what happens when you let hydrogen gas sit around long enough.

  11. Lmfao. It's actually insane to think that we're all just here because of all this seemingly random stuff happening in the right ways. Seriously make me wonder how common life is. With the massive amounts of chances out there for this to happen, I believe there's something else out there. But I don't know if we'll ever have the technology to actually go far enough to reach them. Another thing I'll never know. Damn these short lives

  12. We actually do know a little bit about how common intelligent life is in the universe, and the answer is not very common. So our galaxy is probably around 13 billion years old, and our sun is around 4 billion years old, so that means there has been around 13 billion years where some sort of intelligent life that can move between the stars could have arisen. Life arose on earth around 3 billion years ago. This could have been a seed from another civilization in our galaxy before us, but we have no way of knowing at this point We have found fossils of earth life going back almost to that very start at 3 billion years ago, even of things as small as bacteria. We have done extensive analysis of just about every layer of sediment laid down over those years looking for causes of extinction events in the fossil record. If an alien civilization had landed on earth in those years and colonized the earth and solar system, we would know about it. We would have found structure foundations, remains of flying cars that crashed, unexplainable metals or other materials like plastic in the fossil strata. None of that exists, so we can be pretty confident no aliens came here for more than a visit. Earth before the last few hundred years would have been a prime colonization target for any life forms like us. Beyond that, there were no native earth civilizations or even stone tool using intelligent creatures that arose in the last 3 billion years for the same reason. In 100 million years, a future archeologist will be unable to dig 1 square foot in the anthropocene layer without finding evidence that we were here, if only the layer of lead, heavy metal and microplastics that will be in every cubic centimeter. We dont see that. That means intelligent life is probably pretty rare. We've seen fish forms evolve seperately many times, ant forms, crab forms bacterial forms etc theyve all happened multiple times in earths history, but tool manufacturing intelligence to our level only once. So no galaxy spanning civilizations in 3 billion years, and only one home grown civilization in the same time frame. I would wager a good amount of money that we are it for our galaxy for the next few billion years at least.

  13. smzt says:

    It doesn’t. It’s childish and just wastes the time of someone in recruiting who is trying to get by like everyone else.

  14. It’s the reason the Kellogg workers got everything they asked for. They tried to hire scabs, their system got flooded with no shows. They tried to hire temps, the temps systems got flooded with no shows.

  15. If trump were to live another 150 years he wouldn’t take the L either.

  16. Yup. My hospital made $1.2 billion in profit, and then claimed 3% raise for the hospital was sufficient. After my department (xray) was denied double pay for overtime like other rad modalities got, or a random 8% raise in October that we again didn’t get. But our director tried to say that xray wasn’t being overlooked. 🙄 We had forums, meetings, nothing. But then when shit hit the fan and they realized people weren’t kidding about quitting and going elsewhere or going full time at their PRN spots, suddenly there was money for xray. Hmph.

  17. Lol you guys got a 3% raise? Hospital near me cut RVU’s by 5%. Doesn’t affect administration because they are on salary.

  18. Apparently, the middle section of the island blew up the day prior to this explosion, so I wouldn't be surprised if now they look similar to what they used to be before 2014

  19. No those islands are completely gone. There may be some new islands but the original islands are ash in this picture.

  20. You wouldn’t want to be there while the unit is running for sure lol

  21. 85,000 HP Francis turbine with rated speed of 128.6 RPM

  22. Wow, according to this IDS basically doubled the class A office space in minneapolis. Thats a crazy risk

  23. Love. That’s what’s going on there.

  24. Benadryl and milk! Lolol! What happened, did they ran out of bleach and ivermectin? Lol

  25. It’s evolving. The people who said ivermectin have been dying so they need another miracle cure

  26. That’s right kids, don’t vote at all in the next election. Biden isn’t doing anything (

  27. A better question is why are we treating regular thieves worse than Elizabeth Holmes? Theft isn’t a life sentence, those people are getting out eventually, shouldn’t we as a society make sure their jail stay prepares them for something other than a lifetime of theft?

  28. There’s a reason we haven’t seen any “close up” shots of it erupting.

  29. Has anyone tried calling Tonga to see if they are alright?

  30. Email the author directly. A lot of them will send you a copy of the article for free if you ask nicely. Might be a little hard for an article published in 1992, tho.

  31. Heres the problem: science costs money to look at and read. Anti science is not only free it shows up on my Facebook feed without me even asking for it.

  32. No. Because WW3 isn't worth it. That's why nobody will help Sweden re take it back. And that's why we should join NATO now, and not when Gotland is already taken.

  33. You act like it’s 1980. The Russian army is no match for even Sweden all by itself, and Russia deploying nukes against Sweden would be a good way to be an ex-Russia.

  34. That house looks like maintenance would be a full-time job. I'll never buy a big house with a bunch of wood again.

  35. Maintenance is a full time job on any house.

  36. If you have gigabit fiber, running water, electricity and Costco within half an hour drive I'll take it.

  37. Yea but the half hour drive for internet is killer.

  38. I can only imagine the life-changing reality it would bring to polar researchers , all that immense isolation solved with a single box

  39. Sure until the polar bears come and try to sleep on the heated satellite dish

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