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  1. Wow! This is so good. I have also been wanting to create product videos that I dont spend hours editing. The idea of not having to take screenshots but just straight up adding a link is so genius! And the templates will really allow for lot of options. So following this, just bookmarked. Congrats

  2. Thank you! Yea, templates will be a key feature I think.

  3. So dope. Been wanting to be able to do this for my websites for years.

  4. Cool, it's still an early version. If you will have any issues or need some help, please don't hesitate to ping me in chat on the website, I'm happy to help!

  5. That's insane dude, thanks a lot! Quick question though, why did you put all this effort into it and not ask for a compensation?

  6. Sounds like you need to teach yourself some entrepreneurship and selling! If you can be the builder and the seller you can make a ton of money all by yourself. You just need to start learning the game of business and money. Not that it is as easy as it sounds but it seems like you have a lot of unfulfilled potential.

  7. wow, you are really a heavy notion user, cool!

  8. Yeah i have to restrict quick find to titles otherwise it is slow as hell... 😝

  9. Update: just in case someone finds a thread, the extension now has "Options" page such simple toggle settings:

  10. I'm working on an app to record websites directly from HTML and apply similar effects as in AE, like zoom-in-out and elements animations.

  11. Hey, curious how did you make that animation video?

  12. Yea, 100%. I will try to ship GIF support tomorrow or close to the Monday end of day.

  13. Here is the video review of your project. It was a great experience. If you enjoyed the review please try, comment, & give feedback on other projects.

  14. Going live at 11pm Central Time, US. Here is a link if you want to join me while I test it.

  15. Hey, Thanks for inviting me 😊! I would really try to join it!

  16. A much needed product. I spent SOOO much time even to do a 15 second demo video:

  17. Cool, I hope it will help you to save time. Please let me know if you will need any help, or have any questions.

  18. I will! I am thinking the biggest challenge will be adding the voice over?

  19. I didn't plan to add it in near future but now think it can be very useful and will add it next week.

  20. Are you looking only for screenshots for notion homepages?

  21. We need a new "npm" with "Blackjack and ...." 😂

  22. I'm working on software to make product videos directly from websites in a few clicks.

  23. Nice work ! Curious: how do you edit content "live" after flipping the switch ? Are you adding contentEditable = true to the HTML element that was focused on?

  24. exactly here I use document.designMode="on" but contentEditable for an element will work the same I think

  25. that would be awesome. Is there a beta version or something yet ? would be glad to help you

  26. Isn't this stolen though? I thought that's why the product-hunt page was taken down.

  27. Nope. Application is for different platform at all. It’s windows/Linux application, while another one is exclusive macOS app. How it can be stolen, while it’s different? There was similar texts in website, yes. But app it’s self is not. About other app that claim it, same can be said that it’s copy from CyberChief. Eula text?

  28. Yea, good idea. Was thinking to do that too. But abandoned Twitter for a while.

  29. OctoPub = Octopus (has a lot of tentacles) and Pub (publishing)

  30. So if my clip is me talking about walking down the sidewalk and seeing a dog eating an apple. AI will hear those keywords and add in stock images of sidewalk, dog, apple. ? That is more visually entertaining than static image but i wouldn't want anything to do with the particle effect in the example.

  31. Yes, exactly. About particle effect - I agree that it does not suit all topics/podcasts and tastes. But I think some kind of filter need because images may be different brightness/style etc, so it helps keep images consistent across the whole video.

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